Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wellness Certification - Module #2

Wellness Certification - Module 2
Beauty From the Inside Out!
The module document and audio training for the second module of this phenomenal program are now available on the WELLNESS CERTIFICATION page! 

CLICK HERE to access it now.

100 DIVAs X $100

You're invited...
with us!

Let's blow the sales out of the water by continuing to PUSH. 

Your support will help us meet 2 very important objectives...
  1. Continue reordering products in response to higher sales.
  2. Produce New Products. I particularly like the idea of a new scrub in either the Malaysian Mango, Armenian Pomegranate or Lovely Day fragrances. And perhaps something yummy in a lavender fragrance!)
We are looking for 100 DIVAs (dynamic individuals with voracious appetities) to help us reach our March Goal by increasing their volume another $100.

We're in this together and, with our voracious appetities for success, we can make anything happen!

Happy Easter Weekend!!!


Be Well Success Pack

It has come to our attention that the language about customizing the BE WELL pack by selecting your own fragrance may have been confusing, so we have removed the reference from the Success Pack list.


The Business Information Pack and New Entrepreneur Pack have both been updated with the Success Pack list as well.

Also, I have added a new document, Success Packs One Sheets.  Each is on a separate sheet which you can use for your table displays.

Friday, March 29, 2013


On yesterday, several people in the community received an email yesterday from "Maggie Cole" indicating a desire to place an order for a number of items.


The purpose of these types of scams is to get you to respond and provide personal information which can then be used to hack into your accounts.

The EMAIL IS NOT FROM SOUL PURPOSE or from anyone associated with the company.

OTHER EMAIL SCAMS/VIRUSES: If you receive any email which only contains a link, there is a high probability that it is a virus.  Even if it looks as if it was sent by someone you know (which is how the viruses work), do not click the link as it will open a virus on your computer.  You should delete it immediately.  If you're concerned the email my have been legitimate, contact the sender directly and ask them to resend.   Remember, better safe than sorry!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


A toast of congratulations to
the Soul Purpose Community!!! 
Direct Selling Live has chosen to bestow,
not one, but two honors on our community...

Nadine Thompson
our illustrious leader
is honored as #13 on the list for
Top 30 Women in the Direct Selling Industry
Click here to see the full list.
Soul Purpose
has been selected as the
SPRING 2013!
This is great news to celebrate and shout from the rooftops!

Friday, March 22, 2013


I've been working on a couple of new resource documents that I hope you will enjoy!  Visit the RESOURCES PAGE now to download:

Contains the information specific for a salon owner or hair stylist to help them understand how Soul Purpose can help them incorporate quality products into the services they offer, add retail profits to their bottom line, and begin to create residual income! 

For inspiritation that will help you set up an attractive Soul Purpose product display, browse through the pictures contained in this document.  Thusfar there are only a couple included, but I'm hopeful that by seeing this document more will be submitted.  So check back periodically to see if the document has been updated.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Your First 30 Days" - Module 1 Entrepreneur Certification

How you get started in your Soul Purpose business will usually determine the level of success you will achieve. 
This is especially important during your first 30 days...a critical time for developing "habits of success".  I'd like to personally invite all entrepreneurs to participate in the Entrepreneur Certification program.  It's FREE and included as part of your enrollment in the business.

We began the new cycle last night with Module 1: "Your First 30 Days".  Listen now to the replay of last night's recording (712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 327#) and plan to join us every Tuesday night at 8pm ET through April 23, 2013.   The first module is available now for you to review as indicated below:

MODULE 1: FIRST 30 DAYS (Getting Started)

CLICK HERE to download the module for review.
CLICK HERE to listen to the pre-recorded training for this module online or you can listen to it by calling 712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 327101#

At the end of the 6-week program, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION honoring you as a Certified Lifestyle Entrepreneur as well as an Nsoromma Necklace for the ladies or a money clips for men! 

NOTE:  This program is open to all Entrepreneurs. So, if you are re-engaging in the business and would like a refresher course or if you just want to get the latest, greatest training to be able to share the learning experience with your new recruits, the certification program is for you.

"What is Wellness" - Module 1 of Wellness Certification

Terri began the Wellness Certification Program last night with an overview of the first module, "What is Wellness?"  If you missed the live call, you can listen to the recording (filename 9355#). 
Module 1: What is Wellness??
Click Here to download the presentation.
Click Here to listen to the training online.
Or you can listen to the training by calling 712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 93551#

Any Entrepreneur can participate in the calls and review the materials, but only those who register and successfully complete the exercises and exam will be eligible for full certification. 
For this cycle, you must complete your registration by Friday, March 22.  Details are available on the WELLNESS CERTIFICATION page.

An ongoing list of all the modules, the accompanying presentations and training recordings will be posted on the WELLNESS CERTIFICATION page.

If you have questions, please email Terri directly at

Friday, March 15, 2013


The Youngevity Healthy Start Products are an integral part of our new BE WELL Campaign. To learn more about them, click here for a brochures, flyers and video trainings. For your convenience, I've linked a few of the really important pieces below for your reference. Just click on the name of the document you'd like to download!

Beyond Tangy Tangerine Flyer
Clemson Report (Effect of BTT on cancer cells)
Osteo FX
90 Essential Nutrients

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


On Tuesday, March 19th, Terri Jackson will officially begin our first

During this 6-week certification program, you will learn everything you need to know for consulting with your clients about their wellness needs.  This very important program is core to fulfilling the wellness vision of Soul Purpose.  We know that by helping people understand the importance of maintaining a wellness lifestyle, it will help them embrace it for themselves, their families and will impact the quality of life in communities across the country.  Corporately, we encourage everyone to participate in this program to further ensure your personal wellness as well as your Soul Purpose business success!

If you missed Terri's inspiring program overview last night, you can listen to the replay by dialing 712-432-8984, code 4SOUL# (47685#) and entering file name WELL# (9355#).

Ready to register?  You can click the WELLNESS tab above or click here to go directly to the registration link.  (

NOTE:  Each recording will be available for a full week until the next recording is made.  So if you miss a call during the 6 weeks, be sure to listen to the replay before it's recorded over the following Tuesday evening.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Things are definitely "on and popping" at Soul Purpose. 

We're moving at break-neck speed to get everything updated and in your hands to ensure the greatest impact for the month of March. 

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to be part of the BE WELL, BE WEALTHY movement:

Step 1: 
Purchase a Be Well Pack.
Terri (our Lifestyle & Wellness Coach) always reminds us that "our health is our wealth."  We're poise for great wealth in Soul Purpose.  We need to have the energy and focus to create it, and the good health to enjoy it!  This also means that you'll be listed for PUSH100.  Let's BE WELL together.

Step 2:  Sell 3 Be Well Packs.
Share the wellness!  Bless others around you with this collection of incredible products.  Most everyone is dealing with one health issue or another and could use the extra support of proper nutrition and stress reduction.  Let's build BE WELL communities across America!

Step 3: 
Become CEO Qualified with the Soul Purpose CEO Mega Pak.
Get a beautiful assortment of over 30 products in the new CEO Mega Pak.  It gives you all the products you'll need to become intimate with the stars of our product collection as well creating an impressive display at your next event. Becoming CEO Qualified gives you the key to the money vault and positions you for great wealth!

Let's BE WELL & WEALTHY together!  

Great Beginnings Document

Ensure every new Entrepreneur who joins your team is able to have a great beginning to their business success. This document will help direct them to all the important documents and resources that will play a significant role throughout their journey. 

In addition to receiving it from you, the Great Beginnings document will be sent by Soul Purpose Corporate to all new Entrepreneurs via email, and it will be included in all Enrollment Kits and Soul Purpose CEO Mega Packs. That will give them 3 opportunities to get the information while giving you a perfect platform to follow up and guide them through their formative first 30 days.

Click here to download.

NOTE:  This document is available for ongoing reference on the RESOURCES page of this blog.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Celebrating FIRSTS...

to our FIRST Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs
to become
by purchasing the new

WHO'S invest in their future with Soul Purpose by becoming CEO Qualified?  You'll get $500 in product and qualifying volume...and a lifetime of incredible income opportunity. 

Don't miss out on this new wealth building momentum with Soul Purpose! 

Your table would be beautiful with this incredible display of products!

UPDATED -- Business Information Pack

The Soul Purpose Community is literally humming with excitement about the business-invigorating announcement of the new Success Packs and CEO MEGA PACK.   To assist in your recruiting efforts, I have updated the BUSINESS INFORMATION PACK to include reference to the new BE WELL campaign and all of the new packs! 

CLICK HERE to download the PDF file.  Review and master the new 6-Steps to Financial Freedom as the way to enroll new business partners. Be sure to save a copy on your harddrive to forward to business prospects. Happy recruiting!!

For future reference, the Business Information Pack can be found on the RESOURCES page of this blog.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


A magnificent enhancement for the Soul Purpose Community!

The Soul Purpose CEO MEGA pack contains a wide assortment of Soul Purpose Products as well as the Youngevity 90 For Life Healthy Start Pak.  It is the ultimate representation of beauty from the inside out.  Fortify your body for optimal health and pamper, destress & nurture every inch of our body from head to toe!

* Use the products to create a beautiful display at your next event or party.
* Get intimate with the products and establish your own wellness lifestyle.
* With products on hand, you'll be able to fill customer orders on the spot.

Why settle for half the opportunity when you now have the key to the vault where the real money is kept.  When you become CEO QUALIFIED (by purchasing this pak), you will become eligible for 5 additional bonuses in the compensation plan:  Silver Mercedes Car Bonus, Luxury Car Program, Global Revenue Sharing Pool, Stock Options, and of course, Infinity Coding Bonus.  Now you can really BIG FAT CHECK

Item # SP1000
Price  $499.99
BV $110
QV $500

Available NOW!
Order options include:  Available in the EMMA BACK OFFICE or you can order by phone and fax using the special order form (download here).  NOTE:  This pack is not available through the Youngevity Back Office.

New Entrepreneurs who enroll with the Soul Purpose CEO MEGA PAK will not be required to also purchase the Enrollment Kit.  They will automatically have access to EMMA for a 30-day trial with a premium subscription at the time of enrollment.

Take a bold stand, become CEO Qualified, and let's build extraordinary success!

All New Soul Purpose Success Packs!

We're proud to introduce all new Soul Purpose Success Packs... AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Leading the way is our new BE WELL SUCCESS PACK (pictured) to promote overall wellness and beauty from the inside out!  Great as part of an Entrepreneur's enrollment and as a comprehensive introduction to Soul Purpose for customers, too.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of a flyer with detailed pack descriptions for your review.

Choose your wellness path from one of the following:
Be Well Success Pack (SP172, $120 wholesale/bv/qv)
Pamper Success Pack (SP170, $120 wholesale/bv/qv)
Skin Care Success Pack (SP171, $120 wholesale/bv/qv)
Healthy Start Pak (10245, $115 wholesale)

All other Success Packs:  Go Active (SP108), Direct Sellers (SP109) & Quick Start (SP106) are all discontinued and no longer available for sale. 

Tuesdays With Soul Purpose

Join Corporate for a series of calls on Tuesday nights to provide you with training, information and inspiration! CLICK HERE to download detail listing along with Youngevity Calls as well.

712-432-8904, code 4SOUL# (47685#)

8:00pm - 8:30pm Entrepreneur Certification - Replay Filename: ECP# (327#)
8:30pm - 9:00pm Wellness Certification - Replay Filename: WELL# (9355#)
9:00pm - 9:15pm Opportunity Call - Replay Filename: OPTY# (6789#)
9:15pm - 9:30pm  SP Announcements - Replay Filename: TRAIN# (87246#)
9:30pm - 10:00pm Training & Dev.  - Replay Filename: TRAIN# (87246#)

Missed a call? You can listen to it via our replay line for one week following each call. Dial 712-432-8984, enter access code 4SOUL# (47685#) plus the replay filename indicated above.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Please take a minute to respond to the survey from Tuesday night's webinar!

You should have received a "Thank You" email (like the one pictured) for being on the webinar.  In it, there is a link to take a brief survey. We'd love to have your feedback to know what you think about our new direction and if you're going to be part of the movement. 

CLICK HERE if you'd like to take the survey now. 

Thank you for your valued feedback and support!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A NEW SOUL PURPOSE: Webinar Recording

Nadine sure did light a fire in all of us during the Tuesday night webinar,
Our new focus on "Beauty From the Inside Out" is as brilliant for us as Entrepreneurs as it is for our customers.  Now everyone can choose their path which is supported by our wonderful new SUCCESS PACKS (BE WELL, PAMPER & SKIN CARE).  Plus, those who are looking to create extraordinary wealth will get the best deal and set up for their business by becoming CEO QUALIFIED with the brand new SOUL PURPOSE CEO MEGA PACK!   (Details on the new packs including contents, item numbers and costs will be made available in the next couple of days.)

I've heard from many who may have missed the call or who are interested in hearing it again and would like to listen to the recording.  It's now available online by CLICKING HERE, clicking the image of the flyer above or by selecting it from the list of Featured Links where it will remain for your future reference. (It's a large file, so be patient as it opens.)

The final touches and updates are being made to the presentation and it will be posted soon for your review as well.

This is our time and our season to BE WELL!  BE WEALTHY!  Let's match the brilliance and thoughtfulness of the campaign with an equal display of energy and commitment by:

Purchasing our personal BE WELL Pack in March!
Selling at least 3 BE WELL Packs in March!
Becoming CEO Qualified in March or April!


Exciting news...

The new BE WELL MASSAGE BALM is so popular that Nadine has had to reorder it 3 times since it's introduction!  We ran out of the for just a few days last week, but we're happy to report that they are back in stock on Monday and we have resumed shipping.  If you had a back order, it has automatically been sent and you should receive it shortly. 


We're also happy to advise that HOLLYWOOD FRESH BODY SCRUB is also back in stock and available for ordering. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Certification Program Questionnaire

Thanks to those who have participated in the Entrepreneur Certification Program.  Part ONE of the Questionnaire which you'll need to complete for certification is now posted.  Click here or the image to go to the CERTIFICATION page to download.

Part TWO will be posted within the week for completion.

Our next cycle of the Certification Program will begin soon.  Please watch for further details and confirmation of the date.  Everyone is welcome to participate especially new business partners to ensure you have a successful start with your business.