Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1 CEO - A - DAY ... SELECT CEO PAKs $100 OFF THRU 7/31/14

You can put MONEY in your bank account just in time for a last family summer excursion or to build your back-to-school shopping fund (which you'll need soon enough)!
By qualifying 9 new CEOs, you can earn $1,035 - $1,800 by the end of the month!!!  Just look around because your new CEOs can be found anywhere:
* One of your existing contacts (from the last 45 days of BLITZing)
* New contacts (BLITZing between now and the end of the month)
* Existing Team Member (not yet CEO Qualified)

This promotion also represents an opportunity to BLOW YOUR SEMD PROMOTION WIDE OPEN! With 9 CEOs in 9 days (okay, now 8) you will be within inches of the goal line.  It's time to make it happen.  #let'sgo

For assistance with 3-way calls, developing a strategic placement plan for your new CEOs to create your SEMD structure or for any other questions or support, please contact your upline or you can contact me directly.

So, spread the word.  Be bold, bodacious and tenacious.  Go all-in for your dreams.  When you wake, you'll realize that you have created a beautiful reality!

Cheryl A Cormier
321-217-3912 (phone & text)
Facebook: /cherylacormier 


Last night, we were treated to an insightfully empowering presentation by: EMD, CEO Qualified Carroll Hill
from Los Angeles, California.  She's identified her niche, developed her strategy for helping others get health by redirecting their spending. (Something each of us should do!)

Download the presentation here.  Then, listen to the replay for all of the juicy nuggets she shared with the community!
712-432-8984 code 47685# filename 87246#

Thank you Carroll for doing such an incredible job!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Promote Your Business on Facebook!

Highlight and promote your Soul Purpose business using our beautiful new: 

Cover Photo (click here to download)
Profile Picture (click here to download)

Let's create a FaceBook buzz like never before!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


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Our brilliant designer, Nicole, keeps our mass email masthead looking fresh and up to date and there's no exception to her latest effort. Thanks, Nicole!!!

It provides fingertip access to shop, browse our products and even join the community.  Well, that's very convenient for our general interest audience and CUSTOMERS; but what about our Entrepreneurs?

So I thought wouldn't it be nice to have all of the most important links our Entrepreneurs need conveniently available on all of our community communications?  I know I get "Where do I find..." questions all the time. How about you?

Now, we have a 2nd masthead for Entrepreneur Communications, so when a business partner wants to get started or has a question about product status, just direct them to click the appropriate link on one of our emails!

This is just another effort to make the business more duplicatable and I hope you enjoy the added convenience as you continue to BLITZ and build your business!  Let me know what you think!!!