Saturday, March 30, 2013

100 DIVAs X $100

You're invited...
with us!

Let's blow the sales out of the water by continuing to PUSH. 

Your support will help us meet 2 very important objectives...
  1. Continue reordering products in response to higher sales.
  2. Produce New Products. I particularly like the idea of a new scrub in either the Malaysian Mango, Armenian Pomegranate or Lovely Day fragrances. And perhaps something yummy in a lavender fragrance!)
We are looking for 100 DIVAs (dynamic individuals with voracious appetities) to help us reach our March Goal by increasing their volume another $100.

We're in this together and, with our voracious appetities for success, we can make anything happen!

Happy Easter Weekend!!!


1 comment:

  1. It would be great to have the Pomegranate Rouge in a sugar scrub and shower gel as well as a Hollywood Fresh Deodorant