Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A NEW SOUL PURPOSE: Webinar Recording

Nadine sure did light a fire in all of us during the Tuesday night webinar,
Our new focus on "Beauty From the Inside Out" is as brilliant for us as Entrepreneurs as it is for our customers.  Now everyone can choose their path which is supported by our wonderful new SUCCESS PACKS (BE WELL, PAMPER & SKIN CARE).  Plus, those who are looking to create extraordinary wealth will get the best deal and set up for their business by becoming CEO QUALIFIED with the brand new SOUL PURPOSE CEO MEGA PACK!   (Details on the new packs including contents, item numbers and costs will be made available in the next couple of days.)

I've heard from many who may have missed the call or who are interested in hearing it again and would like to listen to the recording.  It's now available online by CLICKING HERE, clicking the image of the flyer above or by selecting it from the list of Featured Links where it will remain for your future reference. (It's a large file, so be patient as it opens.)

The final touches and updates are being made to the presentation and it will be posted soon for your review as well.

This is our time and our season to BE WELL!  BE WEALTHY!  Let's match the brilliance and thoughtfulness of the campaign with an equal display of energy and commitment by:

Purchasing our personal BE WELL Pack in March!
Selling at least 3 BE WELL Packs in March!
Becoming CEO Qualified in March or April!

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