Saturday, March 9, 2013

All New Soul Purpose Success Packs!

We're proud to introduce all new Soul Purpose Success Packs... AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Leading the way is our new BE WELL SUCCESS PACK (pictured) to promote overall wellness and beauty from the inside out!  Great as part of an Entrepreneur's enrollment and as a comprehensive introduction to Soul Purpose for customers, too.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of a flyer with detailed pack descriptions for your review.

Choose your wellness path from one of the following:
Be Well Success Pack (SP172, $120 wholesale/bv/qv)
Pamper Success Pack (SP170, $120 wholesale/bv/qv)
Skin Care Success Pack (SP171, $120 wholesale/bv/qv)
Healthy Start Pak (10245, $115 wholesale)

All other Success Packs:  Go Active (SP108), Direct Sellers (SP109) & Quick Start (SP106) are all discontinued and no longer available for sale. 

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