Monday, March 11, 2013


Things are definitely "on and popping" at Soul Purpose. 

We're moving at break-neck speed to get everything updated and in your hands to ensure the greatest impact for the month of March. 

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to be part of the BE WELL, BE WEALTHY movement:

Step 1: 
Purchase a Be Well Pack.
Terri (our Lifestyle & Wellness Coach) always reminds us that "our health is our wealth."  We're poise for great wealth in Soul Purpose.  We need to have the energy and focus to create it, and the good health to enjoy it!  This also means that you'll be listed for PUSH100.  Let's BE WELL together.

Step 2:  Sell 3 Be Well Packs.
Share the wellness!  Bless others around you with this collection of incredible products.  Most everyone is dealing with one health issue or another and could use the extra support of proper nutrition and stress reduction.  Let's build BE WELL communities across America!

Step 3: 
Become CEO Qualified with the Soul Purpose CEO Mega Pak.
Get a beautiful assortment of over 30 products in the new CEO Mega Pak.  It gives you all the products you'll need to become intimate with the stars of our product collection as well creating an impressive display at your next event. Becoming CEO Qualified gives you the key to the money vault and positions you for great wealth!

Let's BE WELL & WEALTHY together!  

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