Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Essentials of Essential Oils at A Workshop March 14 & 15th!

Charlene Browning 
and Team Victory 
for this powerful "hands on" workshop
to learn how essential oils can promote wellness.


Friday, February 21, 2014

FOOT CREAM Is On The Way!!!

GREAT NEWS!!  The very popular ORGANIC FOOT CREAM is on its way to the warehouse. It will be off the back order list early next week and available for ordering. The Happy Feet Collection will be available then as well.

Because of a small advance order we received this week, we were able to begin shipping the back orders.

CLICK HERE for a complete product status update for February 21st.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nadine & Terri Take So. Florida by Storm

So. Florida will light up on Friday, February 28th when CEO/Founder of Soul Purpose, Nadine A Thompson will be in the area and she'll meet with Entrepreneurs and guests. Hosted by VPMD, CEO Qualified & powerhouse Wellness Coach, Terri Jackson, the event is sure to be magnificent.

Just $10 for Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs & Youngevity Reps, you are encouraged to bring GUESTS who attend for FREE!

Note the corrected day/date indicated on the flyer.

Upcoming Events: Nadine in So. Florida & Cheryl in Dallas

Check out the updated SP EVENTS page to find announcement of Nadine's upcoming visit to So. Florida on Friday, February 28th while I will be participating in the Total You Women's Wellness Summit in the Dallas area.  In addition, you will find the schedule other Soul Purpose Events including:
Power Hours
"Change Your Life" Opportunity Webinars
Tuesdays with Soul Purpose

You can find details on the Entrepreneur Certification Program as well as the Wellness Certification Program.  Both programs began a new cycle on Tuesday (Feb 18th), so this is a great time to participate to gain a wealth of knowledge and skill for growing your business.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Soul Purpose is proud to sponsor Total You Women's Wellness Summit 2014

Congratulations Emily Blue on your 2nd presentation of the Total You Women's Wellness Summit.  It will be held February 28 & March 1st in Carrolton, Texas. Soul Purpose is proud to be a sponsor and both Nadine and me consider it a privilege to serve as honorary chairs for the event.

If you are in the area, you are invited to join us and bring friends.  Everyone is welcome!

For more information and to REGISTER:  CLICK HERE

Get a complete list of upcoming Soul Purpose events, visit the SP Events page.

Monday, February 17, 2014


April 24-26, 2014 Anaheim, California
Anaheim Marriott Hotel
700 W. Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 92802  (877) 622 3056

***It's not too late...the $199 early bird rate has been extended to February 28th.***

CLICK HERE to register now!


1.  New Announcements & Updates
2.  New Products
3.  New Tools
4.  Recognition
5.  Networking
6.  Training
7.  A tax deductible trip
8.  Turn it into a family vacation to DisneyLand
9.  See old friends and meet new ones
10. Earn your share of $17,000 CASH PRIZE GIVEAWAY!

All this means you get the exact INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION you deserve to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams!!! 

If you are serious about your business, you should be at convention to get everything you need to grow and promote!

Weekly Schedule for "Change Your Life" Opportunity Webinars

When some people acquire a beautiful diamond or treasure, their natural instinct may be to lock it away to keep it safe.  Unfortunately, that means they don't get to enjoy it and no one else has the opportunity to enjoy it either. Everything of beauty and all of our blessings are meant to be shared so their full power to inspire, motivate, and empower can be realized.

I believe it is required and a responsibility that we share Soul Purpose with everyone, every day and every where!

You may be thinking that some people won't be interested and that's true.  Based on their own circumstances, priorities and passion for changing their life,  some will and some won't. But we'll never know who will or who won't unless we give everyone a chance to experience Soul Purpose for themselves.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CHANGE YOUR LIFE (An Opportunity Webinar), Thursday 2/13/14 @ 8pm ET

Share this life-changing opportunity with others through this powerful new webinar for the Soul Purpose Community!


Thursday, February 13, 2014
8:00pm ET
712-432-8904, code 47685#

CLICK HERE to register now! 
Or copy this URL into your web browser:


Once you decide to invest in your success by becoming CEO Qualified ... giving you full access to all 12 ways to get paid in the compensation plan ... you can use this tool to either pre-sale or recoup your investment.  

Download the CEO REGISTRY and modify the letter on the right side of the document. Send it to your contacts or FaceBook friends to ask them to support your CEO GOAL!   

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When pre-selling the products, they would need to place their order with you and pay you directly, NOT ONLINE.  Then when you collect all of the money, you can place our order for the Soul Purpose CEO Mega Pak (SP1000).

Monday, February 10, 2014

Qualify to SAIL AWAY, January 17, 2015

Get ready to CRUISE AWAY on January 17th! 

Everyone who works their business consistently can earn points toward qualifying for the

CLICK HERE to see all the different ways you can earn points!

NEW TOOL!  CLICK HERE to download a spreadsheet to keep track of your points and qualification for the cruise.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Okay so you may be goes Cheryl again with another Power Hour.  What's the use? The truth is that what you may not fully understand is the energy and momentum a Power Hour creates that continues on for hours if not days of business activity. Read what the following entrepreneurs accomplished in just 60 minutes and consider what you can do as well!

Yvonne Davis-Pryor: As I reached the last person on my call list, I initially thought don't call because it was someone I had been playing phone tag with for over a year.  Then I thought again and decided to just make the call.  To my surprise she answered!  When I found out she was at the hospital, I thought she wouldn't want to talk but what she said next really threw me. "I've been praying all week that you would call me!" Apparently she had come across my business card a week ago and then misplaced it. So not only did she book me for an upcoming women's ministry event, but she placed a $100 order on the spot.

Product Status Update - February 7, 2014

We apologize for the delay in restocking some of your favorites, but the weather has impacted the trucking routes and delivery of raw ingredients to our manufacturers.  The good news is that the back ordered products are beginning to roll in.  Please review the PROD-STATUS page for product inventory updates, including that the following are now IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!

Wine & Roses Solid Scent (limited availability, while supplies last)
Hollywood Fresh Gel
Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey Gel
Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey Lotion
Armenian Pomegranate Samples

Currently On Back Order
The following individual (& therefore any gift sets which contain these items) are on back order and are not available for purchase until further notice:

Simply Custard*
Hollywood Fresh Scrub*
Hollywood Fresh Candle*
Malaysian Mango & Brown Sugar Scrub*
Organic Foot Cream*

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Any gift sets which include a back ordered item is also on back order.  For example, since the Hollywood Fresh Scrub is on back order, the Hollywood Fresh Glow set is also on back order.

Monday, February 3, 2014

GO RED 2014!

The GO RED FOR WOMEN campaign is an incredible movement and one that we encourage the entire Soul Purpose Community to support.  The education of women on the perils of heart disease paired with the therapeutic benefits of personal pampering and empowerment...what could be better?

To support you in hosting your own GO RED FOR WOMEN events throughout the month of February, please click here to download flyers which you can personalize and use to promote your event.