Friday, February 7, 2014


Okay so you may be goes Cheryl again with another Power Hour.  What's the use? The truth is that what you may not fully understand is the energy and momentum a Power Hour creates that continues on for hours if not days of business activity. Read what the following entrepreneurs accomplished in just 60 minutes and consider what you can do as well!

Yvonne Davis-Pryor: As I reached the last person on my call list, I initially thought don't call because it was someone I had been playing phone tag with for over a year.  Then I thought again and decided to just make the call.  To my surprise she answered!  When I found out she was at the hospital, I thought she wouldn't want to talk but what she said next really threw me. "I've been praying all week that you would call me!" Apparently she had come across my business card a week ago and then misplaced it. So not only did she book me for an upcoming women's ministry event, but she placed a $100 order on the spot.

Alice Frazier: I've been having consistent success with the Power Hours and Wednesday's was no exception!  I collected 3 orders totaling $241 and booked 2 appointments, one is ready to sign as a new business partner and the second wants to understand her options before deciding.

Jump start momentum in your business with just 60 minutes of focused energy.

To harness the collective power of the community's energy, I've scheduled 2 Power Hours a week throughout the month of February...every Wednesday night at 8pm ET and every Saturday at 12 noon ET.  All you have to do is block those hours on your calendar.  Set aside just 2 hours of your week and you'll completely change the energy and success of your business!  Then, be ready to start the hour with a list of at least 20 people you're going to call to either initially introduce to Soul Purpose or follow-up on a previous conversation.

I hope you'll join us tomorrow at 12 noon ET and take part in this PUSH for February success!

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