Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Schedule for "Change Your Life" Opportunity Webinars

When some people acquire a beautiful diamond or treasure, their natural instinct may be to lock it away to keep it safe.  Unfortunately, that means they don't get to enjoy it and no one else has the opportunity to enjoy it either. Everything of beauty and all of our blessings are meant to be shared so their full power to inspire, motivate, and empower can be realized.

I believe it is required and a responsibility that we share Soul Purpose with everyone, every day and every where!

You may be thinking that some people won't be interested and that's true.  Based on their own circumstances, priorities and passion for changing their life,  some will and some won't. But we'll never know who will or who won't unless we give everyone a chance to experience Soul Purpose for themselves.

If your busy schedule and "what to say" have been stumbling blocks in your recruiting efforts, you're going to LOVE the simplicity of our new RECRUITING PROCESS!

YOU INVITE! Use the community power hours (or schedule your own at least twice a week) to invite your guests and contacts to attend an upcoming webinar.  You might say something like,

"Hi, Laura.  Did I catch you at a bad time?  I know you love the finer things of life and make every effort to make your wellness a priority.  I am the CEO of my very own Soul Purpose business and when I though of who I should share this opportunity with, I immediately thought of you.  I know you're busy but in less than 30 minutes, you'll learn everything you need to know about this multi-million dollar opportunity.  I'm confident that it can change your life just as it is doing for me and has done for hundreds and thousands of others.  The webinar seats are very limited, so can I confirm you for ______ or ______ (give date/time for the next two webinar sessions) as my special guest?  Yes? Great.  I'll text you the registration link so you can secure your seat.  Then I'll call you 5 minutes prior to start time so we can enjoy the webinar together.  I'm excited Laura.  Thank you for accepting my invitation!"

WE EXPOSE!  That's right, we do the work!  Just make sure your guest gets logged into the webinar about 5 minutes early, then both of you should dial into the conference bridge (712-432-8904, code 47685#).  You'll have a chance to introduce yourself and your guest before we mute out the call for the presentation.  Do it with enthusiasm so your guest feels welcome and know they made the right decision to be on the webinar. Then sit back and enjoy the webinar as we recruit for you!

YOU CLOSE!  Immediately after the webinar, contact your guest and ask them how they see themselves participating in Soul Purpose.

OPTION 1:  Pledge to use the products.
OPTION 2:  Share Soul Purpose with a others. Enjoy a lifetime member and shop at 30% discount.
OPTION 3:  Become a CEO qualified Entrepreneur to be fully eligible for all 12 ways to get paid!

We are turning up the heat in Soul Purpose and focused on helping you recruit and fill your team with CEO Qualified Entrepreneurs!  It's our highest priority!  You invite the people, fill the webinar "seats" and we'll do the work of sharing the opportunity for you.

Make note of the following weekly schedule for the "CHANGE YOUR LIFE" OPPORTUNITY WEBINAR.  You can register for this week's sessions now!

Every Tuesday @ 12 noon ET
Hosted by:  Donald Snowden & Terri Jackson
Registration Link for 2/18/14:  CLICK HERE
Or copy and paste the following link into your web browser

Every Thursday @ 8pm ET
Hosted by:  Josi Hopkins & Cheryl Cormier
Registration Link for 2/20/14:  CLICK HERE
Or copy and paste the following link into your web browser

Every Saturday @ 12 noon ET
Hosted by:  Cheryl Cormier & Terri Jackson
Registration Link for 2/22/14:  CLICK HERE
Or copy and paste the following link into your web browser


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