Friday, February 7, 2014

Product Status Update - February 7, 2014

We apologize for the delay in restocking some of your favorites, but the weather has impacted the trucking routes and delivery of raw ingredients to our manufacturers.  The good news is that the back ordered products are beginning to roll in.  Please review the PROD-STATUS page for product inventory updates, including that the following are now IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!

Wine & Roses Solid Scent (limited availability, while supplies last)
Hollywood Fresh Gel
Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey Gel
Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey Lotion
Armenian Pomegranate Samples

Currently On Back Order
The following individual (& therefore any gift sets which contain these items) are on back order and are not available for purchase until further notice:

Simply Custard*
Hollywood Fresh Scrub*
Hollywood Fresh Candle*
Malaysian Mango & Brown Sugar Scrub*
Organic Foot Cream*

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Any gift sets which include a back ordered item is also on back order.  For example, since the Hollywood Fresh Scrub is on back order, the Hollywood Fresh Glow set is also on back order.


  1. Does This Mean That The Foot Cream And Armenian Pomegranate Samples ARe Back In Stock?

  2. My apologies. The Foot Cream was originally omitted from the back order status update. It is indeed still on back order. However, the Armenian Pomegranate samples are in and shipping. Sorry for the confusion.