Sunday, January 30, 2011



It's phenomenal to consider all that we've accomplished in Soul Purpose in just 2.5 years!  We have an awesome vision, full product line, enhanced compensation plan, and an inspiring community of Entrepreneurs!  This is our year and our time to achieve extraordinary success.  But it is up to each of us individually to:

As we were reminded by Dora Chambers on Tuesday night, we must SPEAK OUR SUCCESS.  And when we do, we should expect and accept nothing less.  The bar at Soul Purpose is raised to $500 in personal volume and 1 new active recruit each month.  That will qualify you to be inducted into the $500 Club and receive a $25 Soul Purpose product gift certificate!  Most importantly, however it will elevate your success, your volume and your checks!

1.  GET PREPARED:  Gather your list of customers who have ever bought any product from you or have hosted a party for you an other new contacts.  Make yourself a nice cup of tea or pour a glass of wine.  Have your supplies in front of you:  order forms, calculator, product map, etc.  If you have internet access, you could also be prepared to enter orders directly online. 

2.  GET IT DONE:  Spend 1-2 hours this evening making calls and letting your customers know about our specials: 

             a.  Customer FREE Gifts:  FREE Solid Scent with an order of $50* or more; or a  
                  FREE Balm with an order of $100* or more.  (*Product total only)  Claim FREE
                  item on qualifying order by adding the item number + "F" to the order.
                  (Example: To order a free Brazilian Jackfruit solid, enter SP300F.)

             b.  LOVE BOX:  Available February 1, the Love Box contains everything need to
                  make Valentine's Day extra special.  Includes Hidden Beach's new CD,
                  imported Chocolates, and a candle and massage butter in our grown & sexy
                  fragrance of the same name as the Hidden Beach CD...Love, Passion &
                 Other Emotions!

3.  REACTIVATE the INACTIVE:  Reach out to share all of our success with inactive team members to inspire them to reconsider the business and reactivating.  When they place an order, it will trigger a new Quick Start bonus cycle for you for a full 30 days!  You can earn up to $225 per person you reactivate (on up to $750 in volume that they order in 30 days). 


         Updated your EMMA back office with all contacts (friends, family and previous
         hosts and customers)?

         Sent everyone the January/February Customer Newsletter E-card with your
         personal message and be sure to promote the current customer specials.


I will be around all day and evening tomorrow as you close out, so please feel free to call if you need any assistance!

Cheryl Cormier


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What an honor to have the opportunity to BEGIN A NEW PATH OF SUCCESS in our business for 2011!  Success happens, not by chance but INTENTION!  And as Dora Chamber said on last night's training call, it's up to each of us INDIVIDUALLY to SPEAK AND CLAIM SUCCESS FOR 2011! 

I've realized that by focusing on the minimums of the compensation plan we have essentially minimized our success.  So after analyzing our numbers for 2010, I was very encouraged to find that with just a few minor tweaks, we can make a DRAMATIC impact on everyone's success for 2011.   We're encouraging everyone, starting with our Diamond Executives and leaders, to lead the way in raising the bar for EXCELLENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY to maintain these minimum monthly standards: 

Maintain a minimum of $500 in personal volume
Recruit at least 1 new ACTIVE Entrepreneur

At this level, you will be named to the $500 Club and for those to take their business to next level (minimum $1000 in personal volume and 3 new ACTIVE Entrepreneurs) will be named to the President's club.

For January, it will be a special honor to be among those who are
FIRST inducted into the $500 CLUB & PRESIDENT'S CLUB

Just click COMMENT below to add your name to the list of those accepting the challenge to raise the bar!  I have personally made the pledge and encourage you to do the same...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Tonight we're kicking off a great
Be sure to tune in with your pen and paper in hand and an open mind to learn what it's going to take to WIN IN 2011!    Then after the training tonight, please post the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU LEARNED from the call.  Let's put GOOD THINGS OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE to support a successful business!  Your notes will also serve as an encouragement for those who missed it to listen to the recording which will be available immeidately after the call ends.  (Replay 712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 0125112#)


We are glad to report that FOOT SOAK is back in stock and shipping.  You can resume ordering it individually or any of the gift sets or collections that contain it.

If you were on our PARTY WITH A PURPOSE LIVE Conference Link on Saturday, you heard Nadine share some exciting announcements.  Here's a recap of thing to come in the product area:

LOVE BOX -- A Valentine's Day collection in collaboration with Hidden Beach Records.  The Love Box will contain their new CD, "Love, Passion & Other Emotions" along with 2 products Nadine created in a new sensual fragrance just for the occasion.  The fragrance of the same name has notes of warm vanilla and earthy bottom notes of musk and will be available in an all soy candle and a new MASSAGE BUTTER!  Yum!!   This product will be available for sale on February 1st.  I'd encourage you to begin taking pre-orders now.  Hold them and be ready to enter them into the system on February to ensure your customers are first to get theirs.

SALON RED HAIR CARE -- COMING SOON!  Our incredible, all natural shampoo and conditioner will be coming soon. 

Friday, January 21, 2011


Congratulations to the entire community and especially our top performers.  We are proud to acknowledge all of your efforts and success in the 
November 2010 issue of EDIFICATION! 

Our December issue is being designed for publication next week.  Those who earned gift certificates for December in any of the following categories, you can now redeem them by calling Youngevity at 800-982-3189.

RISING STARS - $500 PV ($300 mgr and higher), 2 Lifestyle Parties, 1 new recruit
SMART START - qualifying new Entrepreneurs and their active enroller
TITLE CONSISTENCY - Managers and higher who are paid at their highest title

Congratulations everyone and thank you for your continued efforts!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


What can you say when a great thing gets even better?  Simply, "Thank you!!!"  That's exactly what we were all saying after last night's call with Youngevity CEO, Steve Wallach and Vice President, Vanessa Hunter.  On New Year's Eve, Youngevity announced a couple of powerful ENHANCEMENTS to the comp plan and last night they were shared exclusively with the Soul Purpose Community! 

If you missed the call, stop what you're doing right now and listen to the replay.  712-432-8984, code 47685# and enter filename 0118112#.  Once you hear it, you'll join the rest of us, minds racing with ideas to take advantage of these enhancements and begin INCREA$ING OUR CHECK$ IMMEDIATELY!

Enhancement #1:  A Full 30-Day Quick Start Period
Triggered by the first volume order placed, the Quick Start Period was limited to the number of days remaining in that calendar month.  If the first volume order was placed on the 1st of the month...the quick start qualified enroller would be eligible for Quick Start bonuses for 30 days.  However, if the first volume month order was placed on the 15th as an example, the enroller would be eligible for Quick Start bonuses for only the 15 days remaining in the calendar month.

The ENHANCEMENT is that the first volume order will now trigger a full 30-day Quick Start Period.  So, using the same example of a first volume order being placed on the 15th of the month, now the enroller will be eligible for Quick Start bonuses until the 14th of the following month!  A full 30 days.  That's MO' MONEY!

Enhancement #2:  Reactivation Quick Start Bonuses
This successful promotion from last year has now been made an ongoing part of the comp plan.  It allows enrollers to be eligible for Reactivation Quick Start Bonuses for a full 30 days on any Lifestyle Entrepreneur who has been inactive (no volume orders in the previous 12 months).  The first volume order place by the inactive Entrepreneur will trigger the 30-day Quick Start period for the qualified enroller. 

Now you can turn zeros to $$$$ on your genealogy.  Soul Purpose Corporate will send a special HTML to every inactive Entrepreneur that can serve as a outline for your follow-up phone calls!  We'll include all the great things happening in Soul Purpose that can be shared:  new products, PR and partnerships, enhanced compensation plan, upcoming conference, etc.  These are all great reasons to re-engage as a business partner or to just use the products for their own wellness!  A WIN them is a WIN for you!  That's MO' MONEY!

Thanks again to Steve and Vanessa!  These enhancements are just more motivation for us to STEP OUT and STEP UP to make 2011 a year of EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS!

NOTE:  Except as noted above, all other criteria and requirements of the Quick Start Bonus remain unchanged.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Soul Purpose Community received a special treat last night in our first Product & Wellness monthly training calls!  The call began with CEO/Founder, Nadine giving tips for proper skin care for winter weary skin.  This was followed by our Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Terri J Carson who covered 5-a-day prescription and BFTs for winter wellness. 

If you were on the call and would like to share your feedback with the community, just click the "comment" link below.

If you missed the call, please listen to the replay at 712-432-8984, code 47685#.  The filename is 111112#.  Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


2011 is poised to be our greatest year ever in Soul Purpose!  One of my goals for this year is to make our training and support of your business as complete and automatic as possible.  To that end, I've created the SOUL PURPOSE NEWS BLOG! 

It is a site for Soul Purpose Corporate to post announcements and updates as well as reference materials.  Learn all about our SUCCESS PLAN that will allow us to build for success and not to the minimums of the comp plan.  Keep updated with EVENTS, our calls and so much more!  Then, when you click on the TRAINING tab, you'll have full access to vital basic training for building your business.  What's even better is that as new business partners join your team, you can refer them to blog as well for information and training. 

So, let's get the ENTIRE COMMUNITY using and following the blog.  Start by FOLLOWING the blog yourself and asking your ENTIRE TEAM to follow as well. 

I look forward to making this a phenomenal year with and for YOU!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Temporarily Out of Stock:  
We have been advised by our manufacturer that the jars used for the Foot Soak product is on back order which means they are delayed in being able to fill our order.  Therefore, until further notice, the Foot Soak product will not be available.  This affects the individual product as well as any packs that contain this item.  We should have an update with an approximate ETA sometime next week.

Our handmade silk journals are also temporarily out of stock.  They are on order but because they are imported from India, we don't yet have an ETA.  We'll advise soon as more information is available.

Discontinued fragrances:  Thai Water Lilly, Hawaiian Tuberose, Zanzibar Girl’s Club
Remember that as the individual products in the fragrances listed above sell out, they will not be reordered.  Most recently, Hawaiian Tuberose Candle has sold out.  If you have customers who enjoy any of these fragrances, it’s recommended that you order extra of the remaining products to have inventory on hand.

Limited Edition Candles:  Nutcracker Candle (SP225) sold out almost immediately after it was announced.  Since this limited edition candle will not be reordered, congratulations to those of you who were able to get in on this exclusive offering.