Wednesday, January 19, 2011


What can you say when a great thing gets even better?  Simply, "Thank you!!!"  That's exactly what we were all saying after last night's call with Youngevity CEO, Steve Wallach and Vice President, Vanessa Hunter.  On New Year's Eve, Youngevity announced a couple of powerful ENHANCEMENTS to the comp plan and last night they were shared exclusively with the Soul Purpose Community! 

If you missed the call, stop what you're doing right now and listen to the replay.  712-432-8984, code 47685# and enter filename 0118112#.  Once you hear it, you'll join the rest of us, minds racing with ideas to take advantage of these enhancements and begin INCREA$ING OUR CHECK$ IMMEDIATELY!

Enhancement #1:  A Full 30-Day Quick Start Period
Triggered by the first volume order placed, the Quick Start Period was limited to the number of days remaining in that calendar month.  If the first volume order was placed on the 1st of the month...the quick start qualified enroller would be eligible for Quick Start bonuses for 30 days.  However, if the first volume month order was placed on the 15th as an example, the enroller would be eligible for Quick Start bonuses for only the 15 days remaining in the calendar month.

The ENHANCEMENT is that the first volume order will now trigger a full 30-day Quick Start Period.  So, using the same example of a first volume order being placed on the 15th of the month, now the enroller will be eligible for Quick Start bonuses until the 14th of the following month!  A full 30 days.  That's MO' MONEY!

Enhancement #2:  Reactivation Quick Start Bonuses
This successful promotion from last year has now been made an ongoing part of the comp plan.  It allows enrollers to be eligible for Reactivation Quick Start Bonuses for a full 30 days on any Lifestyle Entrepreneur who has been inactive (no volume orders in the previous 12 months).  The first volume order place by the inactive Entrepreneur will trigger the 30-day Quick Start period for the qualified enroller. 

Now you can turn zeros to $$$$ on your genealogy.  Soul Purpose Corporate will send a special HTML to every inactive Entrepreneur that can serve as a outline for your follow-up phone calls!  We'll include all the great things happening in Soul Purpose that can be shared:  new products, PR and partnerships, enhanced compensation plan, upcoming conference, etc.  These are all great reasons to re-engage as a business partner or to just use the products for their own wellness!  A WIN them is a WIN for you!  That's MO' MONEY!

Thanks again to Steve and Vanessa!  These enhancements are just more motivation for us to STEP OUT and STEP UP to make 2011 a year of EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS!

NOTE:  Except as noted above, all other criteria and requirements of the Quick Start Bonus remain unchanged.


  1. Cheryl
    This is awesome. I think Soul Purpose should sell samples of all of thier fragrances. I have people asking for Brown Sugar Samples and in order for me to send them a sample I have to create my own.

  2. This call was very informative and I'm so ready to make my checks bigger. In my line of work (JOB) I have the opportunity with a lot of focus to make some additional money but with that opportunity in my own business how in the world can I go wrong......Let's get this money ladies!!!

  3. "Miss V"...great idea. Nadine is already working on producing samples in the Ghanaian Brown Sugar & Honey fragrance. We'll notify everyone when there's an ETA to report.

    "Sayalot"...Yes, let's get it!