Monday, January 3, 2011


Temporarily Out of Stock:  
We have been advised by our manufacturer that the jars used for the Foot Soak product is on back order which means they are delayed in being able to fill our order.  Therefore, until further notice, the Foot Soak product will not be available.  This affects the individual product as well as any packs that contain this item.  We should have an update with an approximate ETA sometime next week.

Our handmade silk journals are also temporarily out of stock.  They are on order but because they are imported from India, we don't yet have an ETA.  We'll advise soon as more information is available.

Discontinued fragrances:  Thai Water Lilly, Hawaiian Tuberose, Zanzibar Girl’s Club
Remember that as the individual products in the fragrances listed above sell out, they will not be reordered.  Most recently, Hawaiian Tuberose Candle has sold out.  If you have customers who enjoy any of these fragrances, it’s recommended that you order extra of the remaining products to have inventory on hand.

Limited Edition Candles:  Nutcracker Candle (SP225) sold out almost immediately after it was announced.  Since this limited edition candle will not be reordered, congratulations to those of you who were able to get in on this exclusive offering.

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