Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What an honor to have the opportunity to BEGIN A NEW PATH OF SUCCESS in our business for 2011!  Success happens, not by chance but INTENTION!  And as Dora Chamber said on last night's training call, it's up to each of us INDIVIDUALLY to SPEAK AND CLAIM SUCCESS FOR 2011! 

I've realized that by focusing on the minimums of the compensation plan we have essentially minimized our success.  So after analyzing our numbers for 2010, I was very encouraged to find that with just a few minor tweaks, we can make a DRAMATIC impact on everyone's success for 2011.   We're encouraging everyone, starting with our Diamond Executives and leaders, to lead the way in raising the bar for EXCELLENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY to maintain these minimum monthly standards: 

Maintain a minimum of $500 in personal volume
Recruit at least 1 new ACTIVE Entrepreneur

At this level, you will be named to the $500 Club and for those to take their business to next level (minimum $1000 in personal volume and 3 new ACTIVE Entrepreneurs) will be named to the President's club.

For January, it will be a special honor to be among those who are
FIRST inducted into the $500 CLUB & PRESIDENT'S CLUB

Just click COMMENT below to add your name to the list of those accepting the challenge to raise the bar!  I have personally made the pledge and encourage you to do the same...


  1. I, Cheryl Cormier, take the pledge to maintain a higher standard of excellence with $500 in personal volume and recruiting at least 1 new ACTVE team member each month!

  2. Hi Cheryl, if I want to be on any list it's the Soulpurpose list for this month!!!!!!! and look like I just made make it............. I just recruiting (1) and going for that $500. plan to make it pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SOULPURPOSE, because it bring the Best out of me!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations, Mary on your new recruit and I know you'll be able to hit the volume as well. Here's to making the list!!!!