Sunday, September 30, 2012


Thank you for making calls, following up and supporting OPERATION PUSH for September.  As you participate in the SELL-A-THON and other efforts to build your volume, please process all additional orders tonight to get the volume on the books.  Even if you were not able to get customer orders this weekend, you can still support the month end push by placing a personal order of $50 or more. Thank you in advance for continuing the PUSH! 

Keep in mind that September is only the beginning.  With everyone PUSHing, we are sure to have an amazing 4th Quarter and look forward to celebrating our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY throughout 2013!  

This is our time and that means it's your time.  I hope these lyrics encourage you to go get your blessing!

Mary Mary

It's like you're looking through a telescope
Seeing where you gone be
Grow and getting better
You're not the person they see

Can't be mad at the things you been through
They built your muscle...
Now you stronger than you've ever been
They can't stop your hustle.

Yo faith ain't never small
That's what brought you this far
See you got your dreams,
and you got your prayers,
and you got your God,
he gone take you there.

See everybody has a season
And I believe this one's yours...
Cause you been working, waiting
this much you you been praying for

Go Get, Go Get, Go Get, Go Get ,
Go Get Go Get Yo Blessing!
Go Get, Go Get, Go Get, Go Get ,
Go Get Go Get Yo Blessing!
It's your time!
It's your time!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do You Know What's in YOUR Makeup?

Click to enlarge
is always better!
See for yourself...
No chemicals!
No fillers!
No preservatives!
No bug/animal!
No carcinogens!

PUSH with Purpose!

Whatever you vividly imagine,
ardently desire, sincerely believe
and enthusiastically act upon
must inevitably come to pass!

Keep PUSHing with Purpose to achieve your dreams.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

P.U.S.H...It's Month End!!

Although month end is rapidly approaching, have you considered what you can accomplish in just 3 days? 
If we PUSH ourselves, we might be delightfully surprised by the
VOLUME we can generate.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Operation PUSH 2012-2013 commences!!!
Are you ready for success?
Are you ready to achieve your dreams?
Are you ready to PUSH!!!
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


As we begin our push with the Nurture and Holiday marketing campaigns, our goal is to acquire more customers and business partners.  We want you to have every opportunity to benefit from the energy and interest created through these campaigns, so in addition to the tips provided in the first Nurture HTML, we encourage you to meet the minimum requirements so that you can be found through the ENTREPRENEUR LOCATOR (bottom left on SOULPURPOSE.COM).

Whenever a visitor on our website shows an interest in our business opportunity or products, we want to ensure that the Entrepreneur who receives that visitor's information as a lead will properly follow up in a timely fashion.    The goal of the following minimum criteria is to connect prospects with Entrepreneurs who are engaged, promoting and working their Soul Purpose business. 

Monday, September 24, 2012


Thank you for supporting and participating in the Soul Purpose Sanctuary Prayer Calls hosted by Regional Field Directors & Senior Executive Marketing Directors, Jill Washington and April Robinson. 

Please be aware of the following change in schedule for our upcoming Sanctuary Prayer Calls...
  • We will NOT have a call on Monday, September 24th. 
  • Our next call will be on Monday October 1st. 

Nurture Campaign HTML #1

Nurture Campaign HTML #1
(sent Sunday, 9/23/12)
Hello Community!  To begin our Nurture product launch with a 16% increase in sales in August over July.  So, we're well on our way to Nurture America and collectively we have the key to make it happen.  
I am so excited to announce that we have begun the Nurture Campaign I told you about on last Tuesday’s Call.  (If you missed the call, listen to the replay 712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 0918122# or click the link in Featured Links).  I’ve worked with our graphic designers to create several HTMLS which will be sent to our primary target -- all subscribers on our general email list -- as well as to all Entrepreneurs so that everyone in the community is aware of the campaign.  The HTMLS will be sent out on a regular basis through the end of the year.
In addition to keeping the product in front of your customers repeatedly for the next several months, the HTMLs are designed to inform,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Tune in tonight to learn how

 The Agenda:

Nurture Campaign
Holiday 2012 Campaign
In the Water Campaign
Press Releases
& More!!

Tune in....
712-432-8904 code 47685#
9:30pm ET / 8:30pm CT / 6:30pm PT

712-432-8984 CODE 47685# FILENAME 0918122#