Thursday, September 27, 2012

P.U.S.H...It's Month End!!

Although month end is rapidly approaching, have you considered what you can accomplish in just 3 days? 
If we PUSH ourselves, we might be delightfully surprised by the
VOLUME we can generate.

Have you called your previous customers and contacts?

1.See if they need to reorder more of their favorite products or try something new, like Nurture Skin Care.

2.Remind them of customer specials (a free solid or balm with an order of $50 or $100 respectively).

3.Everyone who orders by September 30 has a chance to win a free product.  (You can giveaway a free candle, custard or whatever you have in inventory).

4.Ask for referrals...who do they know that would like the products, too? (With 3 customer referrals who order, they would get 10% off their next order.)

5.Use your social media outlets to reach your customers.

6.Be sure to remind everyone to shop with you for holiday gifts. 

Have you considered organizing a weekend Sell-A-Thon with your team members?

1.Have team members make their calls throughout the weekend. 

2.Calls can be made separately, but imagine the fun of making calls together as a group. (Put everyone's name on a board and give them a star for every order taken.

3.Entrepreneurs can tell their customers that they are in a competition and can use their help...even if they just order a $20 product, it all adds up!

4.Present all Entrepreneurs who participate a certificate & crown your top selling "Queen" at the next meeting.

5.Corporately, we’ll shout out all top sellers on the corporate call Tuesday night, October 2. (Be sure to send all results to by Monday, 10/1/12)

Remember, assuming you already have a $100 BV Auto-Ship, you only need 10 orders of $50 each to reach the goal of having $500 in personal volume for the month!  (If you don't already have an auto-ship order for the month, you'll need 4 additional $50 orders!)


There's still plenty of time.  Make good use of the next 72 hours and close out September with a bang! PUSH!!!!

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