Tuesday, September 25, 2012


As we begin our push with the Nurture and Holiday marketing campaigns, our goal is to acquire more customers and business partners.  We want you to have every opportunity to benefit from the energy and interest created through these campaigns, so in addition to the tips provided in the first Nurture HTML, we encourage you to meet the minimum requirements so that you can be found through the ENTREPRENEUR LOCATOR (bottom left on SOULPURPOSE.COM).

Whenever a visitor on our website shows an interest in our business opportunity or products, we want to ensure that the Entrepreneur who receives that visitor's information as a lead will properly follow up in a timely fashion.    The goal of the following minimum criteria is to connect prospects with Entrepreneurs who are engaged, promoting and working their Soul Purpose business. 

To be found by ID or by NAME & STATE

Anyone searching for an entrepreneur by ID or Name & State is assumed to have knowledge of the entrepreneur.  To be inclulded in this type of search, an Entrepreneur must meet all of the following criteria:
1.  Be currently active with $100 BV or more.
2.  Be currently active subscription to EMMA. 

To be found by Zip Code

Anyone searching for an entrepreneur using a ZIP CODE search is presumed not to know of or already have an Entrepreneur.  When a general search like this occurs, our goal is to refer the visitor to an Entrepreneur who has shown basic knowledge and skill about the business.  Entrepreneurs will be included in this type of search if they meet all of the following criteria:

1.       Achieve the title position of Regional Marketing Director or higher
2.     Be currently active with $100 BV or more.  
2.       Maintain an active subscription to EMMA. 

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