Monday, June 9, 2014

Supporting the 90-DAY BLITZ

We're into our 2nd week of the 90-DAY BLITZ and I hope your numbers are adding up!  I invite you to "get in the game" even more...commit more, do more, focus more, and achieve more, STARTING TODAY!

Click here for full details about the 90-DAY BLITZ.

"You can't truthfully say what can't be done until you have given it your best effort!"
~ Cheryl Cormier

Just look at these results reported by Team Spartan (Dr Luis & Evelia Arriaza) after the first 30 days of their BLITZ...

Spartans 30 Day Blitz May Results...
41 SEMDS, 1 VPMD, 2 Presidents, 1 VCMD,
7 SEMDS from Mexico
2 SEMDS from Columbia
1 VPMD from Mexico ...
1 VPMD from Guatemala
There's NO stopping a Man/Woman who's willing to Pay the Price!!

So, there are no excuses.  It's time for results and we're so grateful for everyone who has added their name to the BLITZ LIST and have gone all in.

Take advantage of these resources to support your success:

Change Your Life Webinar (Every Saturday @ 10am ET) Click here for details.
Daily Blitz Momentum Calls (Every weekday @ 1pm ET) Click here for details.
New Member Page (start new business partners properly) Click here to view now. Then just share the link!

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