Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Community is BLITZing! How about you???

The BLITZ is ONNNN and the Soul Purpose Community is on the move.

How about you??
Ready to join the wellness crusade spreading the message of Beauty From The Inside Out?
Ready to grow your sales and increase your check?
Ready to expand your team?
Ready to build or increase your retirement fund?
Ready to provide a better lifestyle for your family?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should join us on the #90DAYBLITZ. Don't wait, because there's no better time to get started than today.

For more information about the #90DAYBLITZ and details on the simple system: INVITE, EXPOSE, CLOSE & DUPLICATE, you can listen to the replay of our training call from May 27th as follows:
712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 87246#.

You'll get really excited when you hear the energy and feedback from members of the community.  We are especially thankful for these three powerful leaders EMD, Beverly Davis; EMD, Alice Frazier; & SEMD, Ruth Whitfield who are focused, blitzing and growing!  Hear what they shared about the #90DAYBLITZ in the replay of our training call from June 3rd as follows:
712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 872461#.

Once you get started, use the simple 90-DAY BLITZ LOG to track your success.  The summary page is already set up to total your results and produce a beautiful visual which should inspire you even more.

Select a link to download:

Be sure to add your name to the BLITZ LIST by emailing or tagging me on a FaceBook post!  Thanks!!!

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