Monday, July 1, 2013


What could possibly be a better PROSPECTING TOOL than the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" edition of the HEALTH NEWS?  Well, one that includes SOUL PURPOSE TESTIMONIALS, of course!!

That's right!  I've been in communication with the HEALTH NEWS publishers and they are looking at numbers and what it will take to create a special "Beauty From The Inside Out" edition.  That means it would include our testimonials about how 90 FOR LIFE is changing our lives and SOUL PURPOSE is nurturing our skin while pampering our souls.

*Don't forget to mention your upline who has ordered the papers so they can benefit from the referral program.*

To make this happen, here's what I need you to do:

1.  Submit your testimonial about any Soul Purpose and/or Youngevity product and the significant difference it has made in your life. 

Don't worry about the writing, spelling or grammar.  All testimonials will be professionally edited by the publishers. If selected, you will be called and interviewed for the final submissions.  For your testimonial to be considered, please:
  1. Send all testimonials to
  2. Include a headshot photo (or full body before and after photos for weight loss testimonials)
  3. Include your full name, daytime phone number and email address
  4. Include these words in your email to confirm your consent for us to publish:  "I hereby grant Soul Purpose full rights to publish my testimonial and likeness for the use in all marketing efforts without limitation."
WIN 100 FREE NEWSPAPERS...if your testimonial is chosen for print!
We have a goal to collect 30 testimonials byJuly 15th, so please start writing!

** CUSTOMER testimonials are welcomed also. **

2.  Pledge to order 500-1000 newspapers!  (Approx $100-200)
Start to make your list now of all the locations around your community where you can place your papers.  They are also a great gift incentive them to outstanding team members.  You can even include a few in welcome package congratulating new team members once they become active. 

HEALTH NEWS! These papers are a outstanding prospecting tool to help you generate interest and leads for your business.  Everyone who is using them is experiencing great success and I'm excited that we would have the opportunity to have an edition that would also include some Soul Purpose testimonials.  This will be epic!

Let's come together to really make this happen for our community. 

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