Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RESOURCES RESOURCES! -- Entrepreneur Certification Tonight

In Soul Purpose, we are so blessed with wonderful resources to support our businesses.  Tonight's Entrepreneur Certification Call at 8pm ET will focus on becoming familiar with and using our resources to achieve a maximum success. 

Tune in: 712-432-8904, code 47685#

Oh, but did you know???

  • There is a BUSINESS INFORMATION PACK available as a PDF that you can download and send to your business prospects?  No recreating, designing or writing required.  Just save and send!
  • You can learn all about the Soul Purpose Products and our Beauty From the Inside Out Campaign through the Digital Product Catalog, the Beauty From the Inside Out Publication and several trainings recorded for the community by Nadine herself?
  • Did you know you can reach all of your contacts with a single e-card and monitor the reports to see how often someone reads it?  Great tool to help you determine who to move to the top of your call list.
  • Did you know every month a new Customer Newsletter is created for you to send to all of your contacts?  Just personalize it with your own message for the month and send to everyone.  Like the note above, watch to see how reads it and how often.
  • Do you know how to BUILD A BIG FAT CHECK?  Learn the 4 keys to making money now and how to build your check to over $8000 in residual income.

Tune in to learn about all of these resources and more! We will use Module 4 of the Entrepreneur Certification program as the training resource for our call. 

Tune in: 712-432-8904, code 47685#

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