Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Were you on with us or did you miss it?  Nadine provided great updates tonight for the community!!!
Replay:  712-432-8984 code 47685#, filename 0313122#
1.  Social media keeps us connected.  Follow along and join the conversation:
     Click either link to connect with Soul Purpose/Nadine Thompson via TWITTER & FACEBOOK.
     Click either link to connect with Cheryl Cormier via TWITTER & FACEBOOK

2.  PRODUCT UPDATES:  SIMPLY (new fragrance free products are flying off the shelf) , LOVELY DAY (fresh, clean, citrus for summer), plus more in the coming months!

3.  CONVENTION is coming and we hope you'll join us.  Intense training, information, new tools and products, new and old friends...all awaiting your arrival in Orlando.  Register now and bring a friend and get excited together. 

4.  RIDE THE BUS!  Looking for inexpensive travel to attend conference, hop a ride on the BUS!  Yes, some of our FDI partners have a few seats remaining on their bus that leaves from Baltimore, MD and makes stops in Richmond, VA and Fayetteville, NC.  The roundtrip fare is only $150!  If you're interested, don't sleep on this offer because the remaining seats won't last long.  Contact Eugene Mattison by calling 310-920-6253 or email him at

5.  Make an individual commitment and contribute to the community goal for March. We need your commitment to generate $5000 group volume this month.  That's only 10 Entrepreneurs with $500 in personal volume each.  To make something ordinary extraordinary requires doing EXTRA.  Let's stretch and get it done.

Hear more about these announcement and so much more by listening to the replay at 712-432-8984, code 47685#, and entering filename 0313122#. 

I know you were looking forward to the promised training tonight on Making Your Calendar Queen, but those fabulous announcements were the priority.  So, we'll reschedule the training for next week's call.  So, get your entire team prepared and ready.  BALANCE & MAKING TIME FOR EVERYTHING is the single biggest hindrance for a home-based business entrepreneur.  You take care of everyone else; it's time to learn to take care of you and your priorities! 

During the training call next week, you can follow along and contribute to the training/conversation on TWITTER.  It's simple to join in.  Just send tweets during the call with the hashtag #SPQUEEN.  You don't have a TWITTER ACCOUNT, go set it up for FREE at  Then log in for the call on your computer or smartphone. 

I'm sure we'll have more to share over the next few days, but until then rest well!

With your success in mind,

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