Wednesday, August 13, 2014


As our 90-DAY BLITZ continues, I hope that you are engaged and have engaged your business partners to ride the wave of momentum the blitz has created in the Soul Purpose Community. 

The way to reach the top of the mountain is to keep progressing and achieving a higher level of success each month until you reach the peak. So, while July was phenomenal (and we can't wait to receive the official reports so we can share it with you), it's important that we...


75 days of BLITZ under our belts should mean that duplicating the simple repeatable goal of blitzing every day has become a beautiful, business building habit.


Everything else takes care of itself when you KEEP IT SOULFULLY SIMPLE and BLITZ!

So, in the twelve (12) business days that remain...  
Look at the extraordinary success you could generate if you became fully engaged NOW and committed to get 5 new contacts a day for 12 days.

You'd have 60 new contacts! On average...
1/3  (20 of them) will say YES,
1/3  (20 of them) will say MAYBE, and
1/3  (20 of them) will say NO

While you'll continue to engage the rest, you can expect to convert 20 YESSES as follows:
* 1/3 will become CEO/Basic (6 business partners with volume)
* 1/3 will become Lifetime Member (6 lifetime members with volume)
* 1/3 will become customers (8 customers with volume)

With an average bonus volume of $100, your check could reflect:
$360 on your business partners & lifetime members (30% quick start bonuses)
$200 on your customers (25% retail profit)

That's $560 potential income in just 12 days and just in time for back-to-school expenses!!

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