Thursday, May 29, 2014


Soul Purpose is preparing for a community-wide BLITZ to help you grow like you've never grown before!

The 90-Day Blitz is about doing your very best for a full 90 days.  It's commitment and consistency each day by taking action to INVITE, EXPOSE, CLOSE & DUPLICATE.

Listen to the replay of Tuesday's Call* and, if you're ready to go ALL IN, add your name to the BLITZ LIST! (Comment below, send an email to or comment on a BLITZ FaceBook post.

To lead and attract leaders to join you on our journey of wellness and wealth creation, your name should be on this list.  Let your success speak for itself and

Download the 90-DAY BLITZ document here.

*Call Replay:  712-432-8984, code 47685#, filename 87246#

Thank you to all of the Entrepreneurs who made the commitment at the end of the call.  Please remember to let me know by email, FB post or comment below.  We've only just begun to create the BLITZ LIST with Entrepreneurs who have already emailed and are ALL IN for the 90-Day Blitz!!!

Download the updated BLITZ LIST! Email to add your name today!

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