Monday, March 3, 2014

Every Point Counts for the Dream Vacation - CRUISE 2015

On January 17, 2015, qualifying members of Soul Purpose / Youngevity will sail away on a 5-day dream vacation aboard the Liberty of the Seas!  On this FREE CRUISE, you'll get to visit Belize, Cozumel & the Western Caribbean!

Earn points for normal business best practices like: 1) maintaining a $100 auto-ship or more, 2) being paid at your title, 3) promoting to a new title level, 4) recruiting new CEOs and other activities.

Corporate is tracking the points and has posted the points earned for January!  CLICK HERE to see who's made the list and how many points you've earned so far.  Make it a team goal to support and challenge each other to earn points and qualify for the DREAM VACATION 2015!

CLICK HERE to download a simple spreadsheet which will help you can keep track of your points. Project the total points you believe you'll accumulate based on your current activity level by the end of the incentive period (August 2014).  Once you have plugged in those points, you'll know what you need to do extra to qualify for the cruise like going for your next title promotion or recruiting more new CEOs!

Dream Vacation 2015 SP Leaderboard (as of 1/31/14)

Thanks Josi Hopkins for going through the list to identify as many of the Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs as you could.  See her list below.  NOTE:  If your name was missed, send your position #, name and the number of points you've earned to and we'll add you to our running list.  Thanks!

74           Cheryl A. Cormier            981.5
108         Charlene Browning           852.5
115         Terri Jackson-Carson       830
129         Nadine Thompson            797.5
147         Beverly Davis                  767
221         Josephine Hopkins           647
285         Natalie Smith                   549
310         Carroll Hill                       525
353         Linda Mccormick             476
395         Katrina L Johnson             440
395         Cynthia D Francis             440
407         Helen Jackson                  430
412         Sondra Moore-Crestwell    425
417         Janett Mcfadden               420
421         Chiezda G Washington      416
424         Dynisha Coates                414
481         Darlene Owens                370
553         Rochelle Morton              320
577         Vernell Spann                  300
577         Rosa Hodge                     300
614         Dola J Young                   246
625         Jillonda Washington          235
625         Angelia W Chancellor        235
738         Peggy Riggins                  153
769         Bertha Moore                   135
790         Robbyne Hocker Fuller      120
790         Alice A Frazier                  120
790         Evelyn Curtis                    120
804         Anita L. Barnes                 110.5
805         Kimberly Mccormick Jones 110

820         Kurundi Daniels                100

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