Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Celebrating NEW CEOs!

The CEO Opportunity is everything you'd expect it to be and more.  
We're delighted to welcome the following Entrepreneurs to the CEO Circle of Leaders for February 2014!

Crystal Evans              David Gaffney
Jayla Moore                Jewell Barrow
LaKeisha Wilson         Laneka Barrington
Loretta Troutman         Lynnette Cosby
Shayla Spence

You're now welcome to join the weekly CEO Leadership Calls and the Soul Purpose CEO Facebook page to tap into resource to help you achieve your goals.  You'll receive an email from Josi Hopkins with additional details.

If not sure what all the fuss is about, CLICK HERE to review a powerful presentation about the 5 GOLDEN DOORS being CEO Qualified will open for you.  Honestly, it's the only RISK FREE Million $$$ Opportunity I'm aware of!

Invest $499 (plus tax & shipping)
You'll get $597 VALUE OF PRODUCTS (Soul Purpose CEO Mega Pak)

GUARANTEE FULFILLED!  Use it or share it, you've gotten more than a fair value of incredible products for your investment!

GUARANTEE FULFILLED!  USE CEO REGISTRY to sell all of the products!  You'll be fully reimbursed for your investment!

GUARANTEE FULFILLED!  Enroll 4 new CEO Entrepreneurs and you'll make $532 in Fast Start and Quick Start bonuses.  You'll be fully reimbursed for your investment!

Now, continue to share the opportunity with others and build your team because your bonuses from this point are ALL PROFIT!  

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