Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Visionary Pledges matters and every contribution counts in the Soul Purpose community! 
When we launched, we were not given much credit for getting the business off the ground let alone still being here six years later.  What we have already achieved is extraordinary. What we are destined to do is nothing short of PHENOMENAL! 

We applaud our leaders who are making it happen every day ... hosting parties, sharing the products & sharing the opportunity.  We would not exist without you and we appreciate your continued support!

Even after joining Soul Purpose, life continues to happen!  For many members of the community, they may have decided that this is not the right time for building a business.  So we want you to know that you, too, can support the vision of Soul Purpose by purchasing your personal care and nutritional products through your  Soul Purpose / Youngevity
membership at wholesale prices!  That means you save up to 30% on each purchase and you can get FREE SHIPPING on all auto-ship orders over $50.  

Together, we're building a wall of success.  Brick by brick, with each brick representing a pledge of support by a member of the community.  To show your support, choose an amount you feel comfortable with, submit your pledge and your name will be added to our wall of success!
With your support along with everyone else's, we are confident that we'll be able to reach more people, empower more lives, build more dreams, introduce more people to the value of a wellness lifestyle and give more Entrepreneurs the power of choice!  
Pledge now!  Be among the first to have their name added to the Visionary Wall of  Success.  CLICK HERE to submit your pledge online.  Or, you can download it HERE to submit by email to or fax to 888-298-3359.

It's that simple.  Can we add your name today? 

Thank you in advance for your support!