Saturday, December 14, 2013


Continue to promote your
VIRTUAL PARTY on FaceBook & Twitter with these specially designed postcards! 

Just click either image to save it to your computer; then you can upload it to FaceBook.  Or you can go to my FaceBook page and share the image from there.

Promote, promote, promote.
You'll encourage people to shop with you by keeping them informed.

Make it TREND in three simple steps --
LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE -- we can keep #soulpurposevirtualparty at the top of everyone's timeline throughout the weekend.  When you see another Entrepreneur's post about the Virtual Holiday Party, LIKE it, COMMENT and SHARE it.

SUCCESS TIP:  Be sure to set aside time today and tomorrow for a POWER HOUR.  Use the time to make phone calls to close friends and family, customers and anyone who comments on one of your posts. 

Remember, you can reach me throughout the weekend by text at 321-217-3912!

Have a great party! 
Cheryl Cormier

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