Monday, November 4, 2013


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Build Your Retail Profits with our new Holiday Shopping E-Card*
Remind everyone to shop with you for their holiday gifts!

Just Send, Follow-Up & Sell!

In addition to being able to view the GIFT GIVING GUIDE in a single click, anyone viewing your e-card will also be conveniently redirected to your personal shopping cart when they click Shop Now.  This will ensure you get proper credit for every order!

Best of all, with the e-card manager, you can see exactly who has viewed your e-card and how many times.  This helps you identify who should be moved to the top of your call list! 


*E-Cards are beautifully designed electronic postcards which you can personalize and send to all of your contacts and/or business partners. A subscription to EMMA is required for access.  At only $10 a month, it's one of the least expensive and most powerful marketing tools you can use for building your Soul Purpose Business!  Ready to subscribe?  CLICK HERE to download step-by-step instructions.

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