Monday, September 9, 2013


Marilu Henner said"everything is connected to everything", so I know everyone in the Soul Purpose Community must have a tingling sensation running up and down their spine.  You know that feeling you get when you can just feel that something big is happening.  Well something seismic happened this weekend in Baltimore.  Everything lined up perfectly to set the Soul Purpose CEOs on fire! 

R U NEXT????

While it would be impossible to recreate the energy of the weekend for you, we'll do our best to give you the best of what we learned...

START by listening to the replay of today's MOMENTUM CALL.  Several CEO Entrepreneurs share a nugget from the weekend that really fired them up.  Dial 712-432-1085, enter pin 232494#.  Hear want Donald, Josi, Sonja, Terri and more had to share.

THEN, set your alarm and get everyone cued up for Tuesday night's EMPOWERMENT TRAINING CALL @ 9:30pm ET.  We'll have a line up of CEOs ready to share plus you'll learn the ABC's of Recruiting which directly relates to the 3 keys for creating massive success.  
     1) Recruit by putting the CEO Opportunity first. 
     2) Help your CEOs make their $$$ back. 
     3) Then, help your CEOs promote to SEMD.

LAST, make a decision.  We learned this weekend that the CEO Coding Bonuses you can earn as a SENIOR EXECUTIVE MARKETING DIRECT (SEMD) is:

$111 million dollars!!!

Anyone would agree that's an insane amount of money.  It really makes quibbling over a $500 investment seem rather silly, doesn't it?

If you're not CEO Qualified, the real question is WHY are you still standing on the sidelines rather that doing everything possible to put $111million in your bank account?

We're on the move and we invite you to CATCH FIRE with us!  

Be sure to stay tuned...cause there's much more information coming your way:
  • Black Enterprise featuring Nadine Thompson (on stands now!)
  • 5x5 First Look Plan
  • $20,000 September Challenge 
  • Be The Change Foundation
  • GOFoods

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