Wednesday, August 7, 2013


There is still time to BECOME CEO QUALIFIED so you are eligible to attend the FREE CEO TRAINING, September 7 in Baltimore.  


You are leaving $$$ on the table
if you're not CEO QUALIFIED!

If you don't have the $499 for your SP CEO MEGA PAK (item # SP1000) pack, try one or more of these suggestions from me and other leaders in the community:

  1. Generate $500 in retail profits* by selling $2000 in customer sales. (That's 40 orders of $50 or more.) Start selling now and every order will get you closer to your goal.
  2. Set a goal to qualify for the PERSONAL PURCHASE REBATE*, to earn a 7% rebate on your personal volume. Since the minimum to qualify for the rebate is $1000 in personal volume, the rebate would be at least $70. (Suggestion from Josi Hopkins, SEMD)
  3. Host 2 or more Lifestyle Parties during the next 30 days to generate your retail sales. The host gets the rewards, you get the retail profit...which also help you qualify for the rebate! (Suggestion from Josi Hopkins, SEMD)
  4. Secure a location to set up a table several times over the next 30 days...Ashley Stewart, Dress Barn, a hair salon, etc. I introduced myself to the manager at Ashley Stewart, sampled her and asked her if I could assist them with a Diva Night Out event. With 3 days, they called me back and we had a successful event last evening. Now I'm scheduled for their August event as well.
  5. Turn your clutter into CASH! What a wonderful time to have a garage sale or post things for sale on Ebay or Craigslist. (Suggestion from Youngevity Daily Dose Call as shared by Terri Jackson, VPMD)
  6. Recruit ACTIVE new business partners and you'll earn 30% Quick Start Bonuses*. For every $120 BV Success Pack purchased by your new business partner, your 30% quick start bonus equals $36! They are paid weekly and add up fast. Just one a week would be $144 toward your goal.
  7. Help your team members become CEO QUALIFIED. Whether it's a new or existing team member whom you personally enrolled who becomes CEO QUALIFIED, you will earn $100 Fast Start Bonus* plus Infinity Coding Bonus* ($15-190 depending on your coding title). That's at least $115 total per person toward your goal!
  8. Send the beautiful July Customer Newsletter/Magazine to all of your contacts. Ask them to sponsor/support your goal to become CEO Qualified and attend the CEO Training by placing an order with you.
*Please refer to the compensation plan for complete details and eligibility requirements for bonuses. CLICK HERE to download the Compensation Plan Training Document (from the Entrepreneur Certification page on the SOULPURPOSE-NEWS Blog).

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