Saturday, June 29, 2013


Month end is always such an energized time in direct sales.  Goals to meet.  People to contact.  Reports to review.  This is where every day people make extraordinary things happen because this industry rewards collaborative effort and economics.

We know you have goals and dreams.  Paying off bills. Getting new or more reliable transportation. Living in your dream home. Providing extras for the kids.  Building that big fat bank account.  Enjoying time freedom.  And finally, having a financially stress free lifestyle. 

It's all possible right here...through your Soul Purpose business. 

You just have to take the first  Make a decision to GO ALL IN!  Many of our 7,000 Entrepreneurs have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting, watching to see if Soul Purpose would last.  Well, it's been 5 years and we're still going strong.  But it's time to make a huge leap forward and that's where we come in.

Remember the Hopi Indian Prayer Nadine shared in January 2008 about being in the water together?  As I was making my famous slamming Cajun spaghetti for dinner (yum!), I was inspired with another perspective.  We're not just in the water together, WE ARE THE WATER!!!

Individually we represent a single drop of water.  But together we make up a powerful body of water.  We are unlimited in our capability and unstoppable in our force! Soul Purpose is our opportunity to come together and harness our collective strengths.  We are a power source to make a prosperous life possible for thousands and perhaps millions of people that we will touch with this opportunity.

What can you do tonight and tomorrow to become a part of this powerful body of water that is Soul Purpose? 

  • Make a DECISION to go all in!
  • Take CHARGE of your health and wealth!
  • SHARE our decision with your team, family and friends!
  • DEMONSTRATE your decision.  Place an order for $100 BV or more before the end of the month so you'll be able to start July off with products on hand to share and sell.

Yes, the year is half over, but we're just getting started.  Let your friends and family know that this is it and that you expect their full support.  Expect their answers to be "yes" or "yes" -- either they can join you in the business or commit to at least purchase 1-2 products from you every month. 

Let's start fulfilling dreams...STARTING WITH YOURS!
We can make extraordinary things happen and enjoy the fulfillment of knowing that we're doing everything in our power to reach our full potential.

For anyone who needs support or help flushing out their success strategy, just call, text or email me.  I'll be available throughout the weekend and I hope to hear from YOU!

With your success in mind,

Cheryl A Cormier

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