Friday, June 21, 2013


We've waited, wanted, wished, prayed, planned, talked, researched, learned, prepared, organized, and thought about it long enough!  Now it's time for...


If you truly believe in the industry, the company, the products and our ability to generate income through our compensation plan, then it's time to...


Follow our simple formula...INVITE, EXPOSE, CLOSE & DUPLICATE to create a thriving business and never run out of people ready to engage on some level.

Download this simple SUCCESS ACTION PLAN and work it everyday.  It contains instruction on the simple daily method of operation plus a memory jogger and form for creating your names list as well as a sheet to chart your success in embracing the NO's. 

Sift and sort to find the RIGHT PEOPLE (those looking for our products and opportunity)!

Embrace the NO's...they're part of the process...when you don't become emotionally invested in the outcome... the RESULTS that are supposed to happen will happen!

For support with your SUCCESS ACTION PLAN, listen to the recording from Tuesday's training in the Featured Links section of this blog.

The best way to kill the fear?  Action & Execution!!!

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