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Would you be excited if I told you we now have a powerful lead generation tool that will ensure you...


This new tool addresses two major obstacles many direct sellers encounter in their business:

1.  Who do you talk to after you run out of people in your warm market and how do you reach them?
2.  How do you create a compelling story that potential customers and business partners will identify with?

Introducing HEALTH NEWS!  It's a simple, 4-page newspaper filled with inspiring testimonials about the life-changing benefits of the Youngevity 90 FOR LIFE products.  You've heard me say many times, "Fact Tell, Stories Sell!" 

When we talk about the nutritional make up of the products, we communicate on an intellectual level.  But the testimonials in these newspapers, communicate on an emotional and heartfelt level.  So when someone reads the paper, they will either relate personally or know someone in their family or circle of friends who could benefit from the products. 

They will be compelled to call you or go to your website for more information. (Cleverly, the publishers have included space for 2 personalized labels that will contain your contact information and lead capture page web address.)

This is a powerful TOOL for piquing curiosity and pre-qualifying potential customers or business partners.

HEALTH NEWS offers several packages for purchasing the newspapers.  The one I purchased is the BUSINESS BUILDER Pack which costs $104 plus tax and shipping.  With it, you'll get:
  • 500 newspapers
  • An additional 100 free newspapers
  • Personalized labels
  • Door hanger bags
  • FREE setup for your lead capture page
  • FREE 30 days of lead capture service
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What's so good about a lead capture page?
The lead capture page makes an offer to download a FREE copy of your ebook (an electronic book) but to do so they must provide their name, phone and email.  Therefore, it "captures" their information for you as a lead.

Your labels will contain a personalized lead capture web address. (You can check out my page by going to  Just add "SP" after your name so that I can keep my actual leads separate.)

The lead capture page set up (a $49 value) is FREE and so is your first 30 days using the system.  Thereafter, it's about $10 a month to maintain.

You will get an email whenever someone visits your site so you can follow up to complete the introduction to BE WELL which includes 90 FOR LIFE and Soul Purpose products.

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The opportunity to promote your lead capture web address isn't limited to just your HEATH NEWS Newspapers.  Think twitter, facebook, on your Soul Purpose customer newsletters, event flyers, in your email signature, etc.

More papers in circulation equal more leads for you!
  1. Make a commitment to carry the papers with you and give them to anyone you meet along with your Soul Purpose samples.
  2. Place stacks of papers in businesses around your community.  Convenience stores, family-owned restaurants, salons, barber shops, doctor's offices, health spas, health clubs, chiropractor's offices...wherever our ideal customer and business partner does business.
  3. Be sure to FOLLOW-UP within 24 hours of getting notification of a lead. 

Get started NOW!
You can place your order online right now by visiting  It will be one of the best investments you make in your success. 

Referral Program
IF your upline/sponsor/enroller has purchased placed their first order for HEALTH NEWS, be sure to enter their NAME & PHONE NUMBER for the referral program.  If they have not ordered and don't plan to, don't let the referral go to waste...just enter my NAME & NUMBER (Cheryl Cormier, 321-217-3912). 

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This is one of the most powerful tools we could ever wish to have for building our business.  I encourage you to make the investment and let's build like never before!

With your success in mind,
Cheryl A Cormier

Coincidentally, I contacted the same company several months ago about doing a personalized version filled Soul Purpose "BE WELL" testimonials. So I considered it a confirmation when the publishers were at convention. By beginning to circulate the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" version, you'll build your readership and they will be excited when our own BE WELL version becomes available. 

Want to be featured?  Commit to BE WELL and send your testimonials along with a headshot photo or "before and after" photos for weight loss testimonials to  I know they'll all be great, but due to space limitations, we will only be able to select the best of the best for publication. 

NOTE:  All submissions constitute express written consent to publish your story and/or likeness in any of our marketing materials and websites.  All submissions and photos become the property of Soul Purpose, Inc. and will not be returned.

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