Saturday, April 27, 2013


Those who will reach the top ranks in our community will learn to master the art of keeping their business pipeline filled with prospects.

Since it is an art and not an exact science, it means you get to apply your own sense of style, panache and personality!

Done properly, each step in the process leads to the next and it all begins with prospecting. Now don't get agitated...prospecting can be fun and rewarding when you embrace it. When put into perspective, prospecting is done in all businesses and all industries, but perhaps called by different names. In direct sales and specifically Soul Purpose, we call it "sampling". In the auto industry, it's called "the test drive". And, in the real estate industry, it's call "an open house". Corporate America often refers to it as "customer acquisition".

Whatever it's called, at the end of the day, the goals are the same...
  • Get your product or services in front of new people
  • Pique their curiosity
  • Establish value of product or service
  • Create the "I've got to have it" dream or desire for your product or service

In Soul Purpose, we accomplish these goals through a strategic model:
which creates a flow of new people into and through your business pipeline:

These are the fundamental steps which should be repeated each and every day to ensure your success.  By keeping your pipeline full of prospects, you are assured to have an audience for event invites, product announcements, the monthly customer newsletter, special offers and more! 

Let's take a moment to look at the first 2 steps in the process and the many tools which you can use to effectively INVITE and EXPOSE...

Being a Product of the Product
Lifestyle Parties
Vending Events
Lead Boxes
Word of Mouth
Networking Groups

Opportunity Messages on SOULPURPOSE.COM
Party with a Purpose
Tuesday Night Live Opportunity Call
Opportunity Meetings
One-on-one Meetings (Using Napkin Presentation)
Lifestyle Parties

Can you add to either list? Please do. Just click "comment" below.

Everyone should commit to use 2-3 tools from each list as part of a personal strategy to keep your business pipeline full.  For support with SAMPLING AND THE NAPKIN PRESENTATION, please refer to Module 5 of the Entrepreneur Certification Program.  For each topic, I have prepared a training document as well as an audio recording for your review.  Enjoy!

Regardless of title or accomplishments, EVERYONE who will have a successful business TOMORROW is following this model TODAY!

May your business overflow with new customers, hosts, business partners and more referrals than you can handle!

P.S. Stay tuned, the 3rd & 4th steps in the process will be covered in a future post.

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