Friday, February 22, 2013

Product Status Update, February 22, 2013

Great News Everyone!
Our scrubs (Brown Sugar, Brazilian Jackfruit and Hollywood Fresh) have been produced and are in transit to the warehouse!  They should arrive at the Youngevity warehouse in the next few days.  As soon as they are back in inventory, we will begin filling all backorders and accepting new orders for these exciting products.

Please continue to watch for additional updates on the scrubs and other inventory updates as follows:

Candles...Received & Now Shipping!
Lovely Day
Malaysian Mango
Hollywood Fresh

Solid Scents...Received & Now Shipping!
Armenian Pomegranate
Japanese Peony
Persion Pomegranate Mango

New Product...Received & Now Shipping!
Be Well Massage Balm

Out of Stock & Discontinued
Caribbean Ginger Scrub
Haitian Vetiver Pepper Candle

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