Friday, December 14, 2012

Product Status Update, as of December 14.

Please be advised of the following inventory status:

Product in Stock & Shipping


Armenian Pomegranate Solid Perfume
Item # SP315
Retail $10
SPW/BV/QV $7.50

Refresh Nurture Kit
Includes: 1 Rest Night Cream, 1 Rosewater & Glycerin Elixir
Item # SP729
Retail $45


Persian Pomegranate Mango Solid*
Item # SP309
Retail $10
SPW/BV/QB $7.50

*This previously discontinued product is made available for the holidays only.  It will again be discontinued after this  limited inventory sells out.

Product on Back Order

Not available for ordering individually, nor or any gift sets that include the item.
Where applicable, fragrance substitutions (i.e., a scrub for a scrub, a candle for a candle) have been made in Success Packs so that we can continue to ship them to new business partners.

Brown Sugar Scrub
Mango Candle (SP350)
Mango Bath & Body Set (SP733)
Pamper Me Silly (SP765)
Succulent Scent Trio (SP770)
Seductive Scent Trio (SP771)

Discontinued Products

These products will not be reordered and are hereby discontinued.

Think Pink Trio (SP719)
Soul Sister Fragrance Trio  (SP716)
Japanese Peony Candle (SP355)
Japanese Peony Solid (SP311)

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