Thursday, October 11, 2012

Share a Nurture Testimonial

I hope you're pleased with the Nurture HTMLS designed to keep this incredible new product line in front of your customers and to build product curiosity and loyalty.  Each time you forward one of them to your customers, you're pushing and moving us closer toward our goal of a complete NURTURE TAKE OVER!

As promised, we'll continue to send HTMLs with intriguing messages and calls to action throughout the 4th quarter.  Some that you can look forward to include one featuring and focusing on men and I'd like to do one feature testimonials.  And that is the purpose of this communication.

If you, a team member or a customer has a NURTURE testimonial and would like to be featured in our national Nurture Campaign, please send the testimonial and head shot photo to  If you happened to have before and after photos, that would be ideal.  Don't worry about grammar or length, we'll be sure to proof it for you. 

I look forward to receiving and reading some inspiring testimonials!  Thank you!

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