Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nurture Skin Care Launch -- GET READY!

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You've seen the countdown emails so you know that our incredible new skin care line is ON THE WAY!  Now, our work as entrepreneur begins to ensure this is the most successful product launch ever in Soul Purpose history!

1.  Order your Nurture Skin Care products. 
Get a set for you (trust me, you won't want to share!).  Get a 2nd set to use during skin care classes and demonstrations.  Lastly, get a 3rd set to have one on hand for sale at your skin care class.  (Put
the names of everyone who purchases a set into a bowl, draw one name to see who will get to their set home with them.  Then just place their order and have it shipped back to you to replace your purchase.)

2.  Plan to host a NURTURE SKIN CARE PARTY WITH A PURPOSE, August 25th!
Make plans to be part of the largest national skin care party ever by hosting a SKIN CARE Party With a Purpose event on Saturday, August 25.  It will be an exclusive, premiere event to introduce this revolutionary line to your most beloved family, friends and customers.  I'll send you more details to help you get organized.  But for now:  1) Decide to host an event.  2) Set the place & time.  3) And, by all means, order your skin care products which you must to have on hand for the these events.

NOTE:  It might work best to coordinate with other Entrepreneurs in your area to share the responsibility for coordinating, conducting and funding the event.  I recommend keeping to a ratio of  5-10 guests per Entrepreneur to ensure there is sufficient personal instruction/attention for everyone.

Add your name and event to our official event listing by sending the details to me at  Thank you for including "PLEASE POST" in the subject.  I'm hosting a party at my home and I hope you'll join me!  (Yes, we'll still call in for brief statements and shoutouts at 4:30pm ET.)

3.  Study, study, study... the Nurture Skin Care line.
We have held several training calls regarding the skin care line.  The recordings are available online in the "featured link" section of the blog so you can listen to them online.  Also we have wonderful documents and online tools for you as well.    The Nurture Skin Care Catalog (also on the blog) is filled with valuable information.  Nadine has also created a brand new website dedicated to the line at WWW.SOULPURPOSENURTURE.COM.

Much more information and details will be provided on the calls during the next few weeks to prepare the community for the PWAP launch on August, 25th.   Please make plans to be on the live calls or listen to the replays.

4.  Fun, Focused & Fierce.
Let's have FUN. 
Let's get FOCUSED. 
Let's be FIERCE in our determination to have a successful product launch!

The PreSale orders for Nurture will be processed as soon as ALL THE PRODUCTS have arrive at the Youngevity warehouse in the next few days.  This means they will count for AUGUST VOLUME. If you are ready for your order to be processed, you don't need to do anything else.  However, if you have any questions or processing instructions, please email to let Stacey know your wishes.

Let's get NURTURED!

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