Friday, July 27, 2012

Pollen Burst Plus

New Youngevity Product
Available NOW!!

1. Grateful for record breaking sales, events, and checks!
2. Get new 90 FOR LIFE NATIONAL MAGAZINE, get your 10 pack today. When they're out, they will not be reordered.
3. Body Trim product now available. Get double QV through July 31st.
4. New Product Announcement...New Pollen Burst formulation and flavor.
Product Formulator, Dr Corey Gold...
1. Pollen Burst Plus...every benefit from Pollen Burst. Every ingredient ECG, SOD, Vitamin D, etc PLUS New Zealand Black Currant...a powerful additional antioxidant.
2. Great anti-inflammatory.
3. More of the appetite suppression properties because of the added antioxidant.
4. Making it better for natural fuel and energy.
5. Berry flavor
6. Available in individual straws (like original flavor) for convenience to use and sample. (Give it to someone with your card, 'Drink this today and you'll be calling me tomorrow.)
7. Don't forget, Pollen Burst is the only product in the world with biodegradeable SOD!
8. Pricing:
  • $64.50 Wholesale
  • $47.50 BV
  • $60 QV
  • Item #PJ500
They didn't share the retail price but you can look it up on your retail Youngevity website.

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