Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In the Water...The countdown is on to add YOUR NAME to the list!


We're delighted to see so many community members do their part in support of the Soul Purpose vision. 
Without you, nothing is possible.
With you, the possibilities are only limited by our passion to achieve them! 

This journey begins with a focus on our personal wellness and now we extend it to everyone we know!

Beauty Inside & Out...90 FOR LIFE nutrition, Mineral Make-Up, Weight Management...DONE!

Head-to-toe personal care care, facial skin care, body care and foot care...DONE!
Financial wellness & opportunity...get paid 12 ways with amazing bonuses and stock options...DONE!

So, the "invisible work" of laying the foundation for the company is done. Now, we begin the visible work of promoting, marketing and calling attention to the great products and business opportunity that we offer. To go to the next, level we need everyone to meet the minimum gold standards of $500 in personal volume and to recruit at least 1 new entrepreneur every month who'll do the same.  Together WE WILL ACHIEVE MORE!

If you're not yet where you want to be for JULY...there's still time to get your orders in for the next couple of days.  Just ask Youngevity (800-982-3189) to back date an order. 

Many have already added themselves to the list by demonstrating their desire and commitment to "be in the water with us".  We thank you for contributing to making the dream a reality!

$500+BV qualifiers.
Causey, Dawn
Kerr, Elaine
Johnson, Katrina L
Cross, Tedra
Marshall, Angie
Seymour, Cynthia D & Herbert E
Keeve, Sonja A
Riggins, Peggy
Taylor-Means, Sheila
Browning, Charlene
Cormier, Cheryl

New July Entrepreneurs with $100+BV.
Dale, Delanna
Kerr, Katrina
Peoples, Christy
Marshall, Tawana
Cooper, Kimberly
Roberts, Pekola
Jones, Violet
Washington, Japonica
Perry, Anthony
Jackson-Little, Sharonne
Yisrael, Elesha
Roberts Industries, LLC
Matthews , Nicola
Davis, LaCretia
Lampkin, Patricia
Lynch, Marsha
Hill, La'Kesha
Kershaw, Rosa
Brummell, Jenelle

IMPORTANT NOTE.  Individuals who are New CEO Qualifiers, LEs with 50% increase in volume (June to July. Min $100BV) or Active Leaders with $5000+ Group Volume...will be added to the list after the month closes and the numbers are final.

If I can be of any assistance, please email me. or text me at 321-217-3912.

With your success in mind,
Cheryl A. Cormier

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