Monday, May 28, 2012

Color Printing Discount At Staples!

Just wanted to take a moment and share the current discount offer from Staples with you.  Surely you've heard me recommend many times that you print one or another of our digital documents for your reference.  Since I wait until one of the office supply stores offering a discount on color printing, I was excited to receive the Staples announcement in my email today. If you're interested, they're only 29cents per page thru June 2nd when you submit your order online at

The documents which might be helpful to print include (all available on this blog)...

1) Digital Soul Purpose Catalog
2) Nurture Skin Care Catalog
3) the Beauty From the Inside Out Magazine
4) Nurture Skin Care Class Training Document

For the Soul Purpose Product Catalog and the Nurture Skin Care Catalog, you might consider printing 2 copies.  Use one to make personal notes in the margins and the other to pass around at your parties/events. 


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