Friday, April 27, 2012

Lovely Day Lotto!

Thanks Executive Marketing Director/Regional Field Director, Darlene "Honebun" Sanders for sharing this fun tool to add some excitement to everyone's Mother's Day sales activities. 

It's the, 
Lovely Day Lotto!

Simply print the form and have it on your table at events or parties.  Your guests can purchase one or more squares for a mere $3 each for a chance to win a Lovely Day Gift Basket.  (This can simply be the Lovely Day Gift Set or a baskets with extra goodies!)  Put slips of paper numbered 1-50 in a cup or basket to have someone draw the winning number! 

NOTE:  As you sell squares, be sure to get everyone's email and phone # so you can notify the winner!

You might consider giving a "sample pack" to everyone who purchases a square.  Depending on your inventory, your sample bag might contain:

Your business card
A Pharmacy Discount Card
1, 2 or 3 samples (your call)
A Prosperity/Product Map
A Pollen Burst or Beyond Tangy Tangerine Sample*

 *For those who purchase 2 or more squares.

Approximate costs would be:
     with 1 sample  $1.20
     with 2 samples $1.58
     with 3 samples $1.96

From the $150 you collect and using the least expensive option for the sample pack, the math would look like this:

  • $61 on your sample packs
  • $43 your cost on a Lovely Day Gift Set
  • $46 profit (some of which you can use to create a beautiful gift basked)

Now you know you will at least break even for your efforts!   As you make other sales, your retail profits will be just that...PROFITS!!!

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  1. OMG WHAT A LOVELY IDEA!! Thanks Honebum, for this great idea!! We have sooooo many ppl in this Soulpurpose community that is full of "AWESOME" ways to promote our Business!!