Monday, December 12, 2011

BEING CEO QUALIFIED: Your questions answered!

My phone is blowing up with questions about the
and I wanted to share what we've learned with everyone:

1. Assuming you are CEO QUALIFIED, when someone you personally enrolled in the business purchases their CEO Pack, you will earn $100 FAST START + CODING BONUS. For example a Diamond (SEMD) would earn $100 Fast Start + $100 Coding Bonus! (Note:  Fast Start Bonuses are not paid on CEO UPGRADE PACKS.)

2. $100 Fast Start Bonuses are paid to all CEO QUALIFIED Enrollers (regardless of the enroller's title).

3. If someone in your downline has already purchased their CEO Upgrade Pack, you will still be paid applicable CODING BONUSES on them and their downline as long as you become CEO QUALIFIED by the December 15 deadline. (Example...If someone on your 2nd level purchased their pack back in September, and you purchased yours today, you will earn the bonus.) After December 15, you must be CEO QUALIFIED prior to someone in your downline becoming CEO QUALIFIED to earn CODING BONUSES on them and their downline. THIS IS BIG!

4.  Fast Start Bonuses and Infinity Coding Bonuses are PAID WEEKLY.

5.  Despite the description of the CEO Upgrade Pack in the Youngevity Back Office Shopping Cart, the PHARMACY CARD UTILIZATION BONUSES are not linked to being CEO Qualified.

6.  If you do not become CEO QUALIFIED by December 15, you will FORFEIT ALL CODING BONUSES on your downline team members who do become CEO QUALIFIED by the deadline.  This means you would also not be eligible for Coding Bonuses on anyone in their downline who becomes CEO QUALIFIED in the future as well.   This is BIG...don't miss out and LEAVE $$$ on the TABLE!

Please check your email for the Community Update I sent out to everyone today.  It contains much more information on this and other topics to assist you in growing your business.  If you have any questions, please post it as a "comment" to this entry or email me directly at

Here's a toast to BIG CHECKS in January!!!

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