Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The BUSINESS INFORMATION PACK contains information to help your potential business partners make a final decision about joining Soul Purpose.  It's been updated wiht the latest, greatest information.  All you need to do it forward it, follow up and sign up new recruits with confidence.

Start by clicking on the image below to download and save the document to your harddrive.  Then when you're ready to send it to a business prospect, type your cover email and attach the file.  (If you are going to print the document out to mail to someone or to have on hand for an event, I've provided a space on the first page for your contact information.)

Remember, be strong and confident in your desire to find QUALIFIED BUSINESS PARTNERS.  By maintaining your position of VALUE and keeping your standards HIGH, you will inspire others to respect the business and achieve their dreams!

Successful recruiting to you!

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