Monday, October 24, 2011

The Power of PROPAY.COM!


When your commission check is direct deposited, you'll actually get your commissions on the 15th of every month! 
  • NO WAITING for your check to arrive by mail!
  • NO BANK HOLD on your money after you deposit an out-of-state check!
  • DEBIT CARD access to your funds or transfer them to another account!

SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE CARD!  Go to your Youngevity Back Office and look for the image of the Propay Card to register.


Convenience is #1 for our customers and debit cards have become the preferred method of payment that most people use for their purchases.  By accepting credit cards, you'll be able to secure payment (with approvals) onsite at trade shows, expos and even Lifestyle Parties.  This is important, especially in a "cash and carry" situation when you are giving your customer products directly from your inventory. has online merchant services which makes it easier for us to conduct our "on-the-go" business.  For a nominal annual fee, you will be able to accept and process credit cards by phone or online.  There is a transaction fee for each card you process and that's it! 

But, my favorite new electronic toy is the PROPAY JAK!

I just received and had the occasion to use my new PROPAY JAK (which you use in conjunction with a PROPAY account) this past weekend.  There's a one-time cost for the device itself and it simply plugs into the headset jack on your smart phone.  Download the PROPAY APP to your smart phone and you're ready to accept major credit cards anytime, at any event. 

When you swipe the card, you'll securely and accurately capture your customer's card information. Just enter the requested information, let your customer sign, enter their email address and you're done!  (NOTE: All regular processing fees apply.) You'll get an immediate approval and your customer will get a system-generated receipt by email.  I processed a couple of cards on Saturday and the funds were in my account today. 

I just love it and I couldn't wait to share it with you. 

If it seems like something that would work for you, just click here go to PROPAY.COM to sign up!

Now, let's go get that MONEY!
Love, Cheryl

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