Monday, September 19, 2011


The last two weeks of the month represent the HOME S-T-R-E-T-C-H for closing out strong and creating a sensational month!  We want you to achieve the success you desire and I wanted to remind you of the following ways you can ACHIEVE EVEN MORE:

Qualify for Entrepreneur Reward Points!
Everyone who has a minimum of $250 personal volume for the month will earn points in this program for fabulous awards.  Take a few moments now to browse the site and check out the full collection of items you can choose.  There's absolutely NO COST TO YOU!  NO processing fee.  NO shipping fee.  When you have enough points, just add the item you want to your shopping cartvand within days it will arrive at your doorstep.  Use your points as you earn them or accumulate them for something really special!

      Go to; enter your Soul Purpose ID as the username; enter
      "rewards" as the password.

You'll earn 1 point for every $5 PV.  Plus, we'll DOUBLE your points when you reach $500 PV (our gold standard) and TRIPLE your points at $1000 PV!  

Build your Pharmacy Card Utilization Bonuses!
Get started or continue to pass out as many PHARMACY DISCOUNT CARDS as possible each day to build your customer usage.  Hand out 10-50 a day and you could build a passive income of $4000 or more a month.  Remember your results are cumulative.  Pass out 1000 cards a month for the next 3 months; that's a potential of 3000 uses or $1500 for you!  Yes, passive income is good income. 

Earn Soul Purpose Gift Certificates In a Number of Ways!
  • Top 3 in Sales, Enrolling & Parties - #1 earns $50, #2 & #3 earns $25
  • New Entrepreneurs with $100 PV or more in month of enrollment - Earn $35
  • Consistency...Paid at your Highest Title of Manager or Diamond - Earn $25 or $50

Qualify for the CRUISE 2012
Ever heard the expression, "help enough people get what they want and you'll get what you want?"  It's so true!  Anyone in your downline or anyone you recruit between now and December 31 can count towards your qualification for the CRUISE! Just help 10 of your personally enrolled entrepreneurs (levels 1-3) promote to Managing Associate by December 2011.  Then, pack your swimsuit and sun'll be sailing with us to the Caribbean next spring!

Meet the Community GOLD STANDARD
The Soul Purpose Community is designed to be a wonderful platform and a welcoming environment for everyone to have the opportunity to realize their dreams.  And there are no dreams more important than YOURS.  The great thing about direct sales is that when you press forward, it creates a dynamic energy that affects everyone in the community.  So, not only do we have a responsibility to ourselves to create success, but to each other as well.
Here's what I know we do have: 
  • More than 7000 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs
  • A FULL collection of personal self-care and wellness products
  • A fulfilling and rewarding vision and visionary in Nadine
  • A lucrative compensation plan with PASSIVE, IMMEDIATE & WEALTH INCOME potential
  • Powerful partnerships with access to more products, training and support
Here's what we need.  Our Corporate Goal is to be generating $200,000 a month in sales by December.  With some very simple math, you can see that it will only take the help of 400 OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEURS TO ACHIEVE THE GOLD STANDARD! ($500 in personal volume and recruiting 1 new active Entrepreneur)

Here's the TRUTH!  Do your part and you'll unlock the power of direct sales in your life and help further the mission of Soul Purpose.  We are indeed the one's we've been waiting for and the wait is over. WE'RE HERE and it's time to make the most of this amazing opportunity to help others and help ourselves in the process.

Have an OUTSTANDING WEEK and an even better MONTH!

With your success in mind,
Cheryl A. Cormier
Executive Vice President

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