Friday, September 16, 2011


Although it is our desire that everyone would participate in the full Soul Purpose Opportunity, you may have found through passing out the Pharmacy Discount Cards that someone wants to join to be able to participate in that part of the opportunity only.

I am generally not a supporter of the $10 enrollment except in this instance and I wanted to share the steps I have used to get someone started!

1.  Enroll through your EMMA back office or your Soul Purpose personal website for the $10 Enrollment.

2.  Set up their Youngevity Back Office and Youngevity website.

3.  Set up their $50 BV Auto-Ship.

4.  Order their Pharmacy Discount Cards.

Now, your new business partner is set up and can begin distributing cards and growing their Pharmacy Card Utilization Bonuses! 

Things to remember:
  1. They must maintain a $50 BV auto-ship each month to be eligible for commissions.
  2. 200 card users per month is their breakeven.  The 25 cent commission on 200 users is $50.  So every user they have above 200 is PROFIT!!!
  3. To qualify for 50 cent personal commission, they need to promote to Manager.  They would need to have 18 business partners with $50 BV each in a single month (plus their personal $150 in that same month).

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