Friday, August 26, 2011


As part of the merger of FDI / Youngevity, our title ranks will eventually be changing as well.  The new titles are more relatable for the general public to understand what we do and the level of accomplishment we have acheived.  The titles will be used interchangeably until the full conversion is complete.  However, if you are preparing to reorder business cards in the near future, you may want to print them with the new title.

Current Title                           Future Title
Jr. Associate                                       = Junior Independent Marketing Director (JIMD)
Associate                                             = Independent Marketing Director (IMD)
Retailer Managing Associate       = Regional Marketing Director (RMD)  for those qualifying with the $150 PV option*
Builder Managing Associate        = Executive Marketing Director (EMD) for those qualifying with the $300 PV option*
Diamond Executive                         = Senior Executive Marketing Director (SEMD)
Kona Double Diamond                   = Vice Presidential Marketing Director (VPMD)
Fiji Double Diamond                       = Presidential Marketing Director (PMD)
Tahiti Double Diamond                  = Vice Chairman Marketing Director (VCMD)
Triple Diamond                                 = Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director (SVCMD)
*I’m assuming that these distinctions are correct…awaiting confirmation from Youngevity.

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