Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dear Soul Purpose Community:  The following is a document prepared by Youngevity to respond to the questions they are receiving about the FDI / Youngevity merger.  Please review and share it with your business partners.  We will provide more updates as information is made available:

Where can I learn more about FDI?

FDI provides many useful and exciting services! You can go to or visit

Why are FDI and Youngevity partnering this way?

We are two powerful companies who have come together to promote health and wealth worldwide!  We have a new President, Bill Andreoli, who was formerly the President and Founder of FDI. Steve Wallach will remain as CEO. Michelle Wallach is still our COO and Chris Nelson is our CFO.

With the addition of the FDI team, we are excited to welcome three new VPs to our management team;  Mike Kolinski is the Vice President of Operations, Mike Randolph is the Vice President of Leadership Development and Steve Schulz is the Vice President of Training. They join Vanessa Hunter who remains Vice President of Marketing and Brent Jensen who remains Vice President of Business Development. With these additions, the combined team now has over 300 years of combined experience in the direct selling industry!


What are the Pharmaceutical Discount Cards?

These are cards that you purchase at a minimal price. You then give them away (FREE) to others. They in turn use them at no cost or obligation when they purchase prescription pharmaceuticals. They will receive a discount from 10-85%, depending on the medication they’re purchasing.

Give a FREE gift to someone and they SAVE money! What a concept! The customers can share the card you’ve given them with their friends and family. You’ll receive a commission every time they use the card or refill a prescription.

But we at Youngevity encourage people to use preventative nutritional support versus pharmaceuticals and medications. Why would we offer these cards?

We DO believe in preventative health care, but the reality is that many people are using prescription medications either on a short term basis (such pain killers) or long term until their health improves. The bottom line is that if they’re going to use the medications anyway, let’s save them money!  THEN share a Best of Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie CD with them and let Doc educate them about alternatives! So think of it this way, the front side of the Pharmacy Card saves them money on their prescriptions and the back side gives them information on how to get off their prescriptions!

Do these cards work if I have insurance?

Yes. And often times, it may save you or your customers more money!

Are the Pharmaceutical Discount cards available now to order?


Where can I order the Pharmaceutical Discount Cards I keep hearing about?

Go to and place your order there. Alternately, you can go to and click the link to order.

When I register on this page ( and buy the cards, is the rep# they're asking for the same as my Youngevity ID#? 

Yes! If you have letters in front of your ID#, be sure to use them.

What is 'usage commission'?

Usage commission is the commission made when a customer uses their Pharmaceutical Discount Card. If you are a Diamond / Senior Executive Marketing Director  or above, your 'usage commission' is 50 cents per customer use. If your rank is below Diamond / SEMD, then your usage commission will be 25 cents per customer use.

As of 8/25/11: 
What is 'usage commission'?

Usage commission is the commission made when a customer uses their Pharmaceutical Discount Card. If you are a Managing Associate / Regional Marketing Director or above, your 'usage commission' is 50 cents per customer use. If your rank is below Managing Associate / RMD, then your usage commission will be 25 cents per customer use.

Is the 'usage commission' on these Pharmacy Discount cards going directly through to my Youngevity Commission account? 

Yes, you will be paid on a monthly basis. Because the commission is paid 60 days in retro, you won’t see it in your September or October checks but you can expect to begin seeing it in your November commission check.

Will I be paid monthly on the Pharmaceutical Discount cards? 

Yes. Your 'usage commission' will be tallied and your commission will be based on those numbers.

Do I receive  'usage commission' from my downline's card customers as well as mine?

Yes! The Pharmacy cards have a 7-level usage commission of 10 cents per customer use for levels 2-7.


What is a CEO PACK?

CEO Packs are enrollment packs that will qualify new enrollees for bonuses and incentives. These packs consist of a combination of business training materials and products. A $100 Fast Start is paid to the Enroller for every CEO Pack purchased. There will be additional bonuses and incentives for existing Youngevity distributors in the future.

Where can I find out more information about CEO Packs?


Has the Youngevity Compensation Plan changed?

No. The FDI merger has brought many benefits to the Youngevity community. We have taken the best aspects of the FDI Compensation Plan and added them to the existing Youngevity plan.

So, the bottom line is that it’s business as usual for all Youngevity / Soul Purpose Distributors. Stay connected to your upline and to corporate to hear about future updates and enhancements and when they will take effect. Please send any questions or comments to We will add to these FAQs as needed.

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